Another Success Story for John H. Gohde at Wikipedia

The last stay of John H. Gohde on Wikipedia was very successful. Editing on Wikipedia is largely a waste of time, for many different reasons. But his 4th stay on Wikipedia was more than twice as long in duration than any of John Gohde’s previous stays. Overall, John was very happy with what he was able to accomplish regarding the WikiProject on Alternative Medicine. (more…)

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If John H. Gohde can not go to Wikipedia

If John H. Gohde can not go to Wikipedia, Wikipedia will be coming to him!

Banned users may not contribute to any part of Wikipedia, including their user talk pages.

John H. Gohde was able to edit his talk page, during his last ban. He did it serveral times with absolutely no problems. So, this time around John H. Gohde attempted to add a little commentary to wrap things up up on his talk page. And, was blocked by one of the mentally ill admins who managed to get John H. Gohde banned yet again for merely exercising his Free Speech rights. (more…)

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John H. Gohde Unjustly Banned for the 4th Time

The hate blogger has recently reported on the current problems of John H. Gohde on Wikipedia. So, the fact that John was recently banned once again is no secret. On this post Mr. Gohde will comment briefly on the recent findings of fact by the Arbitration Committee at Wikipedia.

John H. Gohde – Victim of Wikipedia

John H. Gohde (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · block user · block log) was previously sanctioned in three Arbitration cases (Theresa knott vs. Mr-Natural-Health, Mr-Natural-Health, and John Gohde) for inappropriate behavior.


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Justice for John H. Gohde, Iranian Style, at Wikipedia

John H. Gohde was Blocked

Blocked: 48 hours per [2]. Edit warring and incivility at Complementary and alternative medicine. [3] [4] [5] Technically, the even if the one-year attack parole at Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/John H. Gohde only took effect after the one year ban expired, the parole expired on 30 April 2007. And John only has one recent block. (more…)

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John H. Gohde talks about his 3rd ban

In the case of John H. Gohde, John was banned yet again for promoting alternative medicine all too well on Wikipeidia.

John H. Gohde’s Infoboxes Were Attacked

John H. Gohde says notice how the deletion of a number of the project‘s infoboxes were singled out by the Arbitration Committee. That was no accident, according to John.

While currently accepted in Wikipedia, the project’s placement of templates and infoboxes on the talk pages and articles by John H. Gohde was vehemently attacked back then. John H. Gohde and his project on alternative medicine tagged perhaps at best 250 talk pages of (more…)

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John H. Gohde talks about his 2nd ban

In Mr-Natural-Health, Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee totally failed to put any effort into their fact finding at all. In other words, John H. Gohde says that the Arbitration Committee just relied on the findings of their previous ban. That is hardly an indication of impartiality! And, it is why John considers the first two bans to be actually only one ban.

John H. Gohde gets railroaded

Of course, the second arbitration case involving John H. Gohde was entirely different from the first one. John’s activities were entirely different. The actual topic of the second case was John’s promotion of alternative medicine on Wikipedia, when John H. Gohde actually (more…)

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John H. Gohde talks about his 1st ban

Theresa knott vs. Mr-Natural-Health is where Wikipedia decided that John H. Gohde had “behaved inappropriately on a consistent and excessive basis.” Perhaps Mr. Gohde did at that time? But, Wikipedia most certainly did not conclude that on his current ban according to John. (more…)

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Peabody says Hello Wikipedia!

Welcome to Peabody on Wikipedia Trolls.

Mr. Peabody will be writing on life as an editor on Wikipedia. He will be functioning as:

  1. Howdy Doody’s Peanut Gallery
  2. William Shakespeare’s Chorus
  3. Wikipedia’s Worst Nightmare

In short, Mr. Peabody will be trolling for the Trolls of Wikipedia.

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