John H. Gohde talks about his 1st ban

Theresa knott vs. Mr-Natural-Health is where Wikipedia decided that John H. Gohde had “behaved inappropriately on a consistent and excessive basis.” Perhaps Mr. Gohde did at that time? But, Wikipedia most certainly did not conclude that on his current ban according to John. They also concluded that he had “misused edit summaries in an effort to intimidate other editors.” A fact that is very revealing since that is precisely what the troll Fyslee had recently done to him, with their blessings (which ultimately lead up to his current ban).

John H. Gohde comments on his 1st ban

Of some note, is that Mr. Gohde was the very first person to be banned under the “new rules” in Wikipedia supposedly as a “direct referral by Jimbo Wales,” the former pornographer and one of the co-founders of Wikipedia. The other co-founder had previously been banned by another system of lunacy at Wikipedia. That of course, if you can call a 30 day period of banishment, a ban.

The subject of the 1st arbitration case was the editing of John H. Gohde in the alternative medicine article. At that time, John was actually foolish enough to believe that article could actually be presented fairly on Wikipedia. Boy was John H. Gohde ever naive and idealistic then about Wikipedia.

Jussi-Ville Heiskanen is Cimon AavaroJohn H. Gohde also wasted a lot of time participating in a so-called mediation that was conducted by Jussi-Ville Heiskanen. Their concept of mediation was either accept the position of the Skeptics, or the highway. Heiskanen acted like a self-centered juvenile teenager during the so-called mediation. Time has proven the initial impressions of John H. Gohde to be totally correct. 😦

Theresa Knott actually was the principal party to this arbitration case. And, was the primary troll on alternative medicine. What is interesting about Theresa knott was that John H. Gohde had interacted with this admin at talk alternative medicne very early on in his latest return to Wikipedia. Yet, this admin felt absolutely no need to make any complaints about him, at the beginning of 2007. Likewise, the troll Fyslee was editing that article at the same time, and did absolutely nothing about John H. Gohde.

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  1. I was proud to be the first person banned from Wikipedia, for 30 days.

    The trolls at Wikipedia are crazy. And, it was dumb of me to have actually taken Wikipedia seriously during my first stay.

    I only hanged around Wikipedia for more than one day because my editing was immediately attacked by trolls who were determined to destroy what I had just created.

    As a result of all the conflict at Wikipedia, John H. Gohde ended up promoting alternative medicine in general.

  2. This analysis was really being too kind to Wikipedia.

    On another page, I will be taking a closer look at the specific trolls who actually had the nerve to pass judgment on me. I see a debarred lawyer who liked to frequent the services of prostitutes. Jimbo Whales the pornographer. And, fat chubby Theresa the nurse who couldn’t save herself from being flabby, let alone help other people. As fine a collection of morally bankrupt trolls that I have ever seen. Furthermore, two of the arbitrators actually presented evidence in the very same case that they were deciding; thereby violating some of the most fundamental rules of American jurisprudence.

    Nobody at Wikipedia ever told me that I was being judged by a debarred lawyer who like to use the services of prostitutes.

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