John H. Gohde talks about his 2nd ban

In Mr-Natural-Health, Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee totally failed to put any effort into their fact finding at all. In other words, John H. Gohde says that the Arbitration Committee just relied on the findings of their previous ban. That is hardly an indication of impartiality! And, it is why John considers the first two bans to be actually only one ban.

John H. Gohde gets railroaded

Of course, the second arbitration case involving John H. Gohde was entirely different from the first one. John’s activities were entirely different. The actual topic of the second case was John’s promotion of alternative medicine on Wikipedia, when John H. Gohde actually dared to create the Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine. Furthermore, the players in the second case were entirely different.

Wikipedia Hates Alternative Medicine

Without a doubt, the primary reason for the second ban was that the anti-alternative medicine bigots on Wikipedia could not stand alternative medicine being mentioned, let alone being made more accessible to the public by the number one editing activity of John H. Gohde: the Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine.

Personal attacks and all the other nonsense brought up during this arbitration was the means that Wikipedia used to accomplish their objective of trying to destroy the coverage of articles on alterneative medicine in Wikipedia. John H. Gohde was expected to behave like a saint, while all the other Skeptics on Wikipedia were allowed to break all the rules anytime that they felt like it.

This banned lasted only for 3 months. John H. Gohde decide at the time to never return to the science biogts at Wikipedia. So, John threw away the password to the Mr-Natural-Health account.

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  1. I was just gearing up the widespread promotion of alternative medicine on Wikipedia when I got banned. 😦

    That is, if you can call banishment for 3 months a ban.

    I figured that my creation of the project on alternative medicine would really piss off the bigots at Wikipedia. And, I was right. 🙂

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