John H. Gohde talks about his 3rd ban

In the case of John H. Gohde, John was banned yet again for promoting alternative medicine all too well on Wikipeidia.

John H. Gohde’s Infoboxes Were Attacked

John H. Gohde says notice how the deletion of a number of the project‘s infoboxes were singled out by the Arbitration Committee. That was no accident, according to John.

While currently accepted in Wikipedia, the project’s placement of templates and infoboxes on the talk pages and articles by John H. Gohde was vehemently attacked back then. John H. Gohde and his project on alternative medicine tagged perhaps at best 250 talk pages of alternative medicine related articles. While today almost 600 talk pages have been tagged by the project. Likewise, today a second series of even bigger infoboxes have been placed on the branches of complementary and alternative medicine articles. Yet, back then the placement of its orange colored infoboxes by John H. Gohde was attacked as a promotion of alternative medicine on Wikipedia. Some editors were even calling them spam.

There was a number of reasons for this. As silly as it seems to John H. Gohde, even though each project was supposed to select a different color that would uniquely represent that project. Our project had about 60 projects in front of it who had already selected most of the preferable colors. John’s selection of a color-safe Halloween orange turned off a lot of editors. Today, using the same shade of blue for all template infoboxes seems to be preferred. Nevertheless, today most of our orange colored infoboxes are still on a large number of articles. John H. Gohde says that if our choice of color was actually an issue, than those infoboxes would have been changed long ago, if not deleted.

Next, the project’s imitation of other projects use of lists conflicted with the newly developing concept of categories. John H. Gohde at the time was totally unaware of the new concept of categories. Today of course, categories are pretty much ignored since real human beings overwhelmingly prefer to use annotated lists to find articles in Wikipedia.

The project’s use of lists in their orange colored infoboxes conflicted with Wikipedia’s promotion of categories by some editors. Here again, all this nonsense about personal attacks was the means Wikipedia used to accomplish it objective of trashing all articles about complementary and alternative medicine on Wikipedia. Most of the conflicts were either about the deletion of the project’s infoboxes or about the project’s preference for using lists over categories to classify articles on Wikipedia.

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  1. Call me crazy, if you like. But, I did not like being attacked for marking the talk pages of articles. And, for putting infoboxes on articles related to our project. I have never claimed to be a Saint.

    Time would show that the project was ahead of its time. Because all of these activities are now accepted at Wikipedia.

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