Another Success Story for John H. Gohde at Wikipedia

The last stay of John H. Gohde on Wikipedia was very successful. Editing on Wikipedia is largely a waste of time, for many different reasons. But his 4th stay on Wikipedia was more than twice as long in duration than any of John Gohde’s previous stays. Overall, John was very happy with what he was able to accomplish regarding the WikiProject on Alternative Medicine.

John H. Gohde Laughs at the Hate Blogger

The Hate Blogger’s account, User:Gohdeilocks, managed to get itself blocked indefinitely from editing Wikipedia in only one week [2] . While, silly John has been editing there for over a year. The Hate Blogger, of course, accomplished virtually nothing other than engaging in a Kissy-Fit with Igor the Troll.

John H. Gohde was able to accomplish a lot

What exactly did John H. Gohde accomplish? It certainly is no secrete. He did in fact document exactly what John had accomplished in several different locations on Wikipedia. To be able to comprehend the significance of what he did, you would need both a good working knowledge of the topic of alternative medicine as well as a background in the history of the skeptic movement to block all alternative medicine article development on Wikipedia. And, as clearly documented on his talk page: “all of the articles that I have edited are still in an acceptable state.”

Regardless of the pathetic whinings of the Hate Blogger, John H. Gohde went into Wikipedia and accomplished a great deal of significant work in a very short period of time. Wikipedia is a cesspool of the mentally ill bent upon wasting tons of time doing absolutely nothing. John always want to be able to claim credit for what he writes. And, John H. Gohde will only write for free if he has a very good reason to do so.

Currently, John H. Gohde is working on creating a second version of his folk edition of Wikipedia, that is a super Dictionary of Alternative Medicine, as well as edit his other websites. Version 2 of his dictionary has been long overdue. Now, it will become a reality overnight.

John H. Gohde was ready to leave Wikipedia

And, yes, it is a fact that John H. Gohde was planning on leaving Wikipedia anyway; because he had already accomplished what John had set out to accomplish. Engaging in endless editing of lower level articles, or even high level articles, is simply not for him. Editing Wikipedia is always a group effort, and his group is carrying on quite well without him.

Getting any article to stick on Wikipedia is simply a matter of writing it from the correct perspective. Once correctly written, they tend to hang around for a very long time no matter how many edits are made to them by trolls. John H. Gohde has not suffered from ownership issues in over four (4) years.

John H. Gohde says that it is a numbers game. You will lose a few articles to the trolls of Wikipedia. But, over all you will have more wins than losses if the article is written from the correct perspective.

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  1. The hate blogger needs to get a life. I was just wrapping up what I wanted to accomplish on Christmas Day. I would have left anyway, had it not been for the arbitration.

    Unlike, the mentally ill admins at Wikipedia. I happen to have a life.

    And, YES, I prefer to have total control over everything that I write. Which is another reason why I was in fact going to leave Wikipedia.

    At any rate, the Hate Blogger lasted only one week on Wikipedia before getting the boot.

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