If John H. Gohde can not go to Wikipedia

If John H. Gohde can not go to Wikipedia, Wikipedia will be coming to him!

Banned users may not contribute to any part of Wikipedia, including their user talk pages.

John H. Gohde was able to edit his talk page, during his last ban. He did it serveral times with absolutely no problems. So, this time around John H. Gohde attempted to add a little commentary to wrap things up up on his talk page. And, was blocked by one of the mentally ill admins who managed to get John H. Gohde banned yet again for merely exercising his Free Speech rights.

John H. Gohde believes in Free Speech

It is quite obvious, that Wikipedia does not believe in Free Speech. It is, also, quite obvious to John H. Gohde that Wikipedia is more concerned about protecting the feelings of Iranians in the world court of popular opinion then they are interested in the protecting the rights of red blooded Americans.

John H. Gohde says no problem’o

If John can not go to Wikipedia, Wikipedia will be coming to him! Because, John H. Gohde will be regularly commenting on the abusive nature of the trolls of Wikipedia.


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  1. It is my blog.

    Anyone can make a comemt.

    But, all comments are moderated. So, Wikipedian trolls need not apply.

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