John H. Gohde Unjustly Banned for the 4th Time

The hate blogger has recently reported on the current problems of John H. Gohde on Wikipedia. So, the fact that John was recently banned once again is no secret. On this post Mr. Gohde will comment briefly on the recent findings of fact by the Arbitration Committee at Wikipedia.

John H. Gohde – Victim of Wikipedia

John H. Gohde (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · block user · block log) was previously sanctioned in three Arbitration cases (Theresa knott vs. Mr-Natural-Health, Mr-Natural-Health, and John Gohde) for inappropriate behavior.

Wikipedia does not speak for God, for starters. The dictatorship of the trolls of Wikipedia has been widely reported upon. So, just because another banning recently took place in Wikipedia doesn’t mean anything. Wikipedia is only a virtual world for the mentally ill. His banning only documents that John has been violated by Wikipedia, yet again. If anything banishment by the trolls of Wikipedia, should be considered a badge of honor.

Since then, he has continued to engage in a variety of such behavior, including incivility, personal attacks, and assumptions of bad faith (

  1. [14]John H. Gohde proudly says: His Talk page is his home: Nasty, rude, angry, hostile, threatening, and / or impolite comments, or postings by trolls that John just plain do not like because they have NOT been nice, will always be deleted by him. 🙂
  2. [15] John H. Gohde proudly reverts vandalism wherever he sees it. 🙂
  3. [16]John H. Gohde says that presenting the basic outline of his defense was considered “assumption of bad faith” by Wikipedia. And, if his comment about “bogus action by a handful of disgruntled editors” was considered a personal attack then let Wikipedia choke on this new blog of his.
    1. John feels better about being banned by those trolls, already. 🙂
  4. [17]John H. Gohde says that my correctly identifying mob behavior and Iranian Justice was considered an “assumption of bad faith” by Wikipedia. 😦
    1. John says that when a Wikipedian mob makes personal attack after personal attack, John H. Gohde is proud to complain loudly, even if none of those mentally ill trolls will ever listen. 🙂

), grossly inappropriate commentary (

  1. [18]John H. Gohde says proudly that when he gets violated by a stupid, little mentally ill admin, without any personal life, he will scream for help every time. 🙂
  2. [19]John H. Gohde says proudly that when he repeatedly gets goaded by a stupid, little mentally ill troll, without any kind of a personal life; he will complain about it every time. 🙂

), attacks in external forums (

  1. [20]John H. Gohde proudly believes in free speech. 🙂

), soapboxing (

  1. [21]John H. Gohde proudly believes in free speech. When Wikipedia gives every editor a user page, John determines how he will use it. 🙂
    1. Accusations of showboating are just another way, Wikipedian trolls dump upon those whom they do not like. 😦
    2. Editors edit on Wikipedia for Free. A user page to do with as they like should be the very least that Wikipedia can do for the hard work of their editors.

), and gaming the system (

  1. [22]
  2. John H. Gohde proudly believes in free speech. 🙂
    1. The only way you can seriously communicate with someone at Wikipedia is by private email. Otherwise, Wikipedian trolls will accuse those who they do not like of gaming the system. 😦
    2. Big Brother exists on Wikipedia. 😦
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  1. The current ban is a total joke. The way I see it: It was never a question of if I would be banned for editing on Wikipedia. It was always a question of when I would be banned.

    I was banned because I had originally complained about what Fsylee was doing in his edit summaries. Fsylee was using freely what the findings of fact during my 1st arbitration had ruled to be a violation of the rules of Wikipedia.

    Then Fyslee started complaining on my talk pages about my record of personal attacks made by him against me. That tactic was used my Snowspinner during my 3rd stay in Wikipedia; but now that I was doing the exact same thing was automatically considered a serious violation of the rules of Wikipedia.

    Snowspinner in case you do not know, is this very fat chubby mentally ill admin. Who is obviously both mentally ill and fat since he lives on the Wikipedia virtual world 24×7. 😦

    Wikipedia is a Looney Bin of trolls.

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