Troll of the 2nd Ban, Exposed by John H. Gohde

On the 2nd ban, the complaint was filed by David Gerard. It is as clear a case of railroading as you can get. It took place at the time of the creation of the Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine by John H. Gohde.

John H. Gohde Introduces the real Troll

Who is the real David Gerard, asks John H. Gohde.

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John H. Gohde has a Champion, on the 4th Ban

The last arbitration case of John H. Gohde was different from all the rest. This time around, John had a Champion. A Champion is a person who fights for or defends any person or cause. That is right, another editor, recognized that Mr. Gohde was being violated by Wikipedia. And, stepped up to the plate to defend John H. Gohde by presenting evidence at obious risk to his status as an editor on Wikipedia.

Kendrick7 Champions John H. Gohde

Contrary to the tabloid journalism of the Hate Blogger, at least one other independent third party recognized precisely the farce being inflected upon John H. Gohde by Wikipedia. And, that person was User:Kendrick7. (more…)

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John H. Gohde Goes After the Trolls of the 1st Ban

John H. Gohde says that he has just now bothered to take a closer look at the specific Trolls that passed judgment upon him in his first ban. And, John has a picture of all those Trolls.

Theresa knott vs. John H. Gohde aka Mr-Natural-Health


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If John H. Gohde cannot go to the Hate Blogger

If John H. Gohde cannot go to the hate blogger, the Hate Blogger will be coming to him. And, so he has. 🙂

John H. Gohde officially announces the arrival of the Hate Blogger.

John H. Gohde Feels Better Already!

And, so has Wikipedia come to the new blog of John H. Gohde. For the Hate Blogger admits to being on Wikipedia. Since the Hate Blogger came to John H. Gohde, so has Wikipedia. 🙂


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Wikipedia tells 100,000 Muslims to take a hike!

John H. Gohde reports that Wikipedia is now ignoring the wishes of more than 100,000 Muslims who have been complaining for quite a while about Wikipedia’s publication of their Prophet’s picture.  Jay Walsh, a spokesman for the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco, has even suggested that many of the those thousands of emails recievied by Wikipedia are less than acceptable since they have received so many similar looking emails since mid January 2008 according to John H. Gohde. (more…)

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John H. Gohde says that Gohdeilocks is the Hate Blogger

Who is Igor the Troll, or Igor Berger, asks John H. Gohde?

John H. Gohde says that he does not know and doesn’t really care at all. As far as John is concerned, Igor is just another character that he had happened to have run into on his many journeys on the Internet. John views Igor as a very minor irritation in a Google group that Mr. Gohde was once on.


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