John H. Gohde says that Gohdeilocks is the Hate Blogger

Who is Igor the Troll, or Igor Berger, asks John H. Gohde?

John H. Gohde says that he does not know and doesn’t really care at all. As far as John is concerned, Igor is just another character that he had happened to have run into on his many journeys on the Internet. John views Igor as a very minor irritation in a Google group that Mr. Gohde was once on.

The Hate Blogger has recently confirmed his identity as the User:Gohdeilocks on Wikipedia.

One thing is for sure. The Hate Blogger is preoccupied with Igor the Troll. Igor is mentioned no less than in six different posts of the Hate Blogger which is easily proved by a simple text search of his home page. Furthermore, the Hate Blogger knew that Igor the Troll was on Wikipedia long before Igor made his appearance on Wikipedia known to John H. Gohde.

The Hate Blogger is so preoccupied with Igor that his blog might as well be about Igor Berger, rather than John H. Gohde.

John H. Gohde asks why?

The answer is rather obvious. Igor is just as preoccupied with the Hate Blogger, as John H. Gohde is. In fact, John says that Igor is even more preoccupied with the blogger than him. Igor the Troll has managed to have chased the Hate Blogger all over the Internet. And, finally onto Wikipedia, as User talk:Gohdeilocks.

John H. Gohde the Detective

The Hate Blogger, with a Freudian Slip, recently confirmed his identity as the User:Gohdeilocks on Wikipedia by featuring Igor the Troll prominently on his Blog. His recent post about the fate of Igor the Troll on Wikipedia has confirmed his identity as Gohdelocks. Nobody else on planet Earth cares, but the Hate Blogger clearly does.

John H. Gohde is Laughing

John H. Gohde gives the Hate Blogger his condolences for lasting only seven (7) days on Wikipedia. 🙂

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  1. LOL

    The Hate Blogger’s recent denial of being Gohdeilocks on Wikipedia is self-serving. The more he writes about Igor the Troll, the harder I laugh about the Hate Blogger lasting only seven (7) days on Wikipedia.

    Just thought that the Blogger might want to know. 🙂

  2. Well John, as you know I exterminate Trolls! My blog is named specifically as Igor The Troll for a reason that I am not a Troll and I resent anyone calling me a Troll, because they are the real Trolls and I will exterminate them with prejudice. SebastianX gave me the name because he Trolled me at Google Webmaster Help Group. I took the name as a Red Badge of Courage.

    As you know, all of these Trolls that are after you come from GWHG. And, they are Trolling you to Wikipedia. Because I stood up for you at GWHG against abuse of Adam Lasnik, these Trolls came after me, and had me banned from GWHG. Now they tried to come after me at Wikipedia, but it did not quite work, the Gohdeilocks Troll got blocked indef.

    Unfortunately, I do not think the Trolls have given up and they will be back!

  3. I feel the same way. Once the Trolls of Wikipedia find my new blog. It will truly piss them off, being the Trolls that they are.

    Not really. My work at Wikipedia, predated GWHG by quite a few years. Anti-Alternative Medicine bigotry is very old. My reputation of being an Internet Troll actually predated Wikipedia. But, a Troll is a Troll no matter how highly Webado thinks of herself. She is the biggest Troll of all, at GWHG.

    Gohdeilocks is full of crap.

    You really need to check out my message board on this blog.

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