Wikipedia tells 100,000 Muslims to take a hike!

John H. Gohde reports that Wikipedia is now ignoring the wishes of more than 100,000 Muslims who have been complaining for quite a while about Wikipedia’s publication of their Prophet’s picture.  Jay Walsh, a spokesman for the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco, has even suggested that many of the those thousands of emails recievied by Wikipedia are less than acceptable since they have received so many similar looking emails since mid January 2008 according to John H. Gohde.

John H. Gohde says think again!

If you think that Wikipedia is interested in your opinion, then think again.

“If you have come here from outside Wikipedia to protest against the presence of images depicting Muhammad, please don’t post here. Such objections have been raised before, and been given our consideration.” [Wikipedia]

John H. Gohde is an Outsider

Anybody who has not edited on Wikipedia 24×7 for several years is considered an outsider. John H. Gohde has edited on Wikipedia over several years with several thousand edits under his belt. And, at one time was in the top 1,000 Editors of all time. But, he is still considered an outsider.

Clearly Wikipedia has no respect for Muslim beliefs. Nor, does Wikipedia care about the clear consensus reached by some 100,000 Muslims.

Wikipedia tells outsiders to drop dead!

Wikipedia’s specially created FAQ says: “Wikipedia is not censored for the benefit of any particular group,” except of course for the Wikipedia’s Cabal of Trolls. Sorry Muslims, but you are not a part of the Wikipedian consensus of the Cabal of Trolls. Therefore, all outsiders must take a hike regardless of the numbers of the protesters.

Furthermore, anybody who has ever edited on Wikipedia knows full well that just about anything and everything written by anybody is subject to the taking of a new consensus at anytime that any member of the Cabal of Trolls decides to raise the issue.

Votes for deletion can be taken at anytime on just about anything. So, why not on specific graphical images of Muhammad? Could it be that Wikipedia’s rules apply only if you are one of the Trolls of Wikipedia?

While Wikipedia assures its readers that a non-changing consensus has already been reached in prior discussions. The exact location of those talk pages where this consensus of a handful of trolls actually took place is quite allusive. Where are the talk archives for these discussions? How many voted pro and con? John H. Gohde sure has not been able to find them.

Perhaps, before it is all over some of Wikipedia’s Cabal of Trolls will be loosing their heads over this incident? Any of you Trolls planning on visiting the Middle East any time soon? John H. Gohde says: Why am I not surprised?

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  1. If the Trolls of Wikipedia wanted any picture deleted. It would be deleted within one week.

    Nothing is prevented from reaching a new consensus at anytime, unless of course the Trolls of Wikipedia are against it.

  2. What is interesting here, of course, is that the Totalitarianism of Wikipedia reaches far beyond alternative medicine.

    What ever happened to the notion that anybody can edit Wikipedia? Apparently, only non-Muslims can edit Wikipedia?

  3. Message for the Hate Blogger.

    Last night before going to bed, I knocked out this brand new post. This morning, I find out that this very same post is in Google showing up in the top 10 SERPs for my name; with the caption 6 hours ago. Gee, my new The Trolls of Wikipedia blog must be considered a source of news by Google?

    Just thought that the Hate Blogger might want to know. 🙂

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