John H. Gohde Goes After the Trolls of the 1st Ban

John H. Gohde says that he has just now bothered to take a closer look at the specific Trolls that passed judgment upon him in his first ban. And, John has a picture of all those Trolls.

Theresa knott vs. John H. Gohde aka Mr-Natural-Health

This case was referred to the arbitration committee by Jimbo Wales on 6 Feb 2004. Theresa Knott had made a request for arbitration. The arbitrators Fred Bauder and Martin Harper, both gifted slime buckets, ruled on a case in which they had presented evidenced in, rather than exclude themselves because these trolls clearly viewed themselves as being above the rule of law of the American system of jurisprudence.

John H. Gohde asks with a total setup like this, how can anybody take Wikipedia seriously?

Trolls that John H. Gohde has special fondness for

Jimbo (Jimbo) Wales

Jimbo Wales

DOB: 08/07/1966
St.Petersburg, Florida, USA

Provided the inital financing of Wikipedia with $100,000 which he had made in the pornography business. Jimbo is still dictator of Wikipedia despite all the money that gets donated each year to keep Wikipedia running.

Prior to this arbitration case, Jimbo Wales personally dealt with all disputes on Wikipedia. And, was the only person with the authority to ban users. Now starting with John H. Gohde, he uses the arbitration, yes men, committee to do all the dirty work for him.

John H. Gohde wonders if Jimbo ever counseled all those addicts that he addicted to sex in order to finance his Wikipedia.

Theresa Knott

Theresa Knott

DOB: 03-10-1967
Has a degree in Physics
London, United Kingdom

The alleged victim of John H. Gohde and an admin who met and knows Jimbo Wales in person at the 2004 London meetup, is hardly anything but an innocent editor claiming abuse. Theresa was more like a forerunner of the Wikipedia Gestapo, or thought police, that are so prevalent today on Wikipedia talk pages.

This pudgy person likes to brag about her drawings on Wikipedia. John H. Gohde asks: Could her weight problem have anything to do with her being online 24×7 on Wikipedia? Instead of knocking alternative medicine, this fat slug would be well advised to stop drawing pictures, engage in the real world once in a while, and use complementary and alternative medicine to treat her own serious health condition.

John H. Gohde says that anybody who cannot save themselves from being fat is in no position to advise others. Certainly, not on the effectiveness of alternative medicine.

Fred Bauder

Fred Bauder

DOB: 06-19-1942
Crestone, Colorado, USA

While Fred describes himself as a retired lawyer he was actually debarred from the practice of law [Supreme Court, State of Colorado, No. 98SA447 1999 & C.R.C.P. 241.13; People v. Paulson , 930 P.2d 582, 582 (Colo. 1997)] for soliciting for prostitution during a phone call with the wife of a dissolution of marriage client, etc. [source]

John H. Gohde says that this creep is not qualified to advise people let alone pass judgment on others. This debarred lawyer alone nullifies this farce of an arbitration proceeding.

Martin Harper, aka MyRedDice

Martin HarperWorcester, England
Resigned arbitration committee, December 2004

Martin was 24 years old at the time of the arbitration. And, is a software engineer.

Martin Harper (MyRedDice) is still censoring vast amounts of historical facts and verified quotes. Instead of working with others to make improvements, he is hiding facts that he finds inconvenient.” Jan 2004 [Source]

John H. Gohde says just look at this freak’s picture. Need John say more? Barely out of diapers, this long hair freak is hardly an expert on anything outside his virtual world of computers.

John H. Gohde laughs some more

The world should not forget that this farce of an arbitration proceeding resulted in John H. Gohde being banned from editing Wikipedia for 30 days.

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  1. I have a question for Fred Bauder.

    Do you feel better after banishing me for 30 days? Does every person you ban make you feel better?

    Perhaps in Bauder’s virtual world of mental illness? But, in the real world Fred is still nothing but a debarred lawyer.

    Or, as I prefer to say: An unethical toad, fit only to clean toilets.

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