John H. Gohde has a Champion, on the 4th Ban

The last arbitration case of John H. Gohde was different from all the rest. This time around, John had a Champion. A Champion is a person who fights for or defends any person or cause. That is right, another editor, recognized that Mr. Gohde was being violated by Wikipedia. And, stepped up to the plate to defend John H. Gohde by presenting evidence at obious risk to his status as an editor on Wikipedia.

Kendrick7 Champions John H. Gohde

Contrary to the tabloid journalism of the Hate Blogger, at least one other independent third party recognized precisely the farce being inflected upon John H. Gohde by Wikipedia. And, that person was User:Kendrick7.

  1. JzG wants to get rid of John H. Gohde because he is espousing a POV he doesn’t like.
  2. Claims that editors persecuted John H. Gohde.
  3. Says John H. Gohde is right because Wikipedia does operate under mob rule.
  4. John H. Gohde did not violate WP:CANVASS
  5. MastCell was rude to John H. Gohde.
  6. The advice given by John Gohde’s wasn’t completely unreasonable.

John H Gohde says Champions need not apply

While the effort made by Kendrick was appreciated, his efforts were largely wasted. John H. Gohde rather doubts that the arbitrators even read his comments.

Igor was NOT on the side of John H. Gohde

With friends like Igor, John H. Gohde doesn’t need any enemies. That buffoon was certainly no champion. While Igor might have meant well, he was too much of a fruit cake to be of any help to John H. Gohde.

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  1. Lots of people agree with the current position of John H. Gohde, including User:Kendrick7.

  2. John H. Gohde has a Champion, on the 4th Ban

    Kendrick7, an independent third party, recognized the farce being inflected upon John H. Gohde by Wikipedia.

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