Trolls Like to Defecate on Fringe Articles

Any article on Wikipedia written on a fringe topic, or expresses a fringe point of view, is a target for the Trolls of Wikipedia. John H. Gohde knows all about how the Trolls just love to defecate on articles related to alternative medicine.

John H. Gohde says Don’t Defecate on my Articles!

According to John H. Gohde a favorite tactic of the skeptics is to post Notice Banners on articles that appear directly below the title of the article.

  1. Merger proposals
  2. The Neutrality or Factual Accuracy is Questionable
  3. Needs more Citations or References
  4. The article may require cleanup
  5. And, so on …

The trolls of Wikipedia reason that if they cannot have the article out right deleted then they are going to defecate all over it as much as possible in order to:

  1. alert the public that they happen to think that the article is total crap, and
  2. to intimidate the editors working on the respective articles.

The Trolls were Caught in the Act!

John H. Gohde says that this practice painfully documents the double-standard that exists on Wikipedia. One set of rules exists for the Trolls of Wikipedia, and yet another behavior standard exists for those that the Trolls wish have banned from editing articles on Wikipedia. The trolls are able to break any rule they feel like breaking at anytime, while editors developing articles on Alternative Medicine are routinely banned for minor infractions.

The complementary and alternative medicine article, according to John H. Gohde, is an obvious example. John recently got banned for too aggressively removing these notices from this article.

The Trolls Threaten John H. Gohde

Mr. Gohde says that the Trolls will typically add these notices to articles. While totally failing to conduct the required discussion on the respective talk pages. Shortly after John H. Gohde was banned from editing this article, a consensus was reached on the proposal to merge. Guess what? John wants you to know that the discussion page clearly documents that the Trolls lost the consensus vote. The banner notice was actually removed from the article by one of the Trolls, but was quickly re-added by another troll. These trolls explicitly stated on the discussion pages that they were not yet finished with defecating on this article. Clearly, these Trolls failed to respect the findings of the consensus vote. Any editor who dares to stand up to these Trolls, like John H. Gohde did, is threaten with hostile edit summaries and posts posted on their user talk pages.

John H. Gohde says that is how the Trolls of Wikipedia operate on all fringe articles that have come to their attention. These Trolls don’t care about the rules. They are openly working to have all Fringe articles deleted. John H. Gohde, likewise, is proud to be promoting the fringe topic, Alternative Medicine, on Wikipedia at any cost to his status as an editor. Editors have to put up with Trolls defecating on the articles that they are developing, or risk being banned from Wikipedia for removing them.

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  1. Trolls Like to Defecate on Fringe Articles

    Any article on Wikipedia written on a fringe topic, or expresses a fringe point of view, is a target for the Trolls of Wikipedia to defecate on.

  2. I have been keeping up with what the Trolls have been doing. So, far the Trolls are losing. 🙂

  3. Meaning exactly what?

    How do you like my new Blog? This new post of mine was updated in
    Google within one minute of me posting it. Google is currently reporting this post to be 6 hours old.

  4. The blog is nice, it has teeth!

    Keep talking about Wikipedia, you have a lot to teach the Wikipedian community. The problem is to get people to listen.

    Meaning that if you want to build Wikipedia you have to deal with the enviroment, and if you cannot or will not, maybe it is not a good idea to be there. There is negativity involved, and you have to find a middle ground in the process. Is this something new to you?

    Wikipedia mirrors society! But who knows, soon I may find myself in your shoes..:) Life goes on! Then I will have time to write to my blog and develop software as I did before I joined the merry go around of wikidrama!

  5. Being that articles about alternative medicine are currently flourishing on Wikipedia, my work on Wikipedia can hardly be classified as a failure. It was a dirty job that had to be done. And, I was glad to do my part.

    Frankly, I am glad to be off of Wikipedia, as editing on it can easily eat up too much of your personal life.

    This Blog would not exist, had I not been banned by Wikipedia for the 4th time. I would not have discovered the secrete of running WordPress blogs that are compatible with Google, by pure dumb-luck, and thanks to my keen observational skills. This is another WordPress learning experience for me that allows me to totally piss-off both the Hate Blogger and the Trolls of Wikipedia at the same time.

    This blog is being hosted for FREE by WordPress, so I have an extremely limited ability to implement SEO on it.

    I do a lot of things to totally piss-off the Trolls of Wikipedia. 🙂

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