Classy Jimmy Wales Dumps Girlfriend Publicly on Wikipedia

John H. Gohde has an inquiring mind, and has definitely noticed how Wikipedia simply cannot stay out of the tabloid newspapers.

John H. Gohde Turns Tabloid

Apparently, Jimbo believes his own public image about being the dictator of Wikipedia. John H. Gohde says that clearly, Wales thinks nothing of using others around him as play things, only to be later discarded like trash at his own pleasure. Does classy Jimmy Wales know how to treat the women in his life? Because, Mr. Wales is reported to have dumped his then girl friend, Rachel Marsden, on one of his Wikipedia user pages. On Saturday March 1, 2008, Jimbo released a public relation statement about his torrid love life with Rachel. Even if what Jimbo claims to be true in his statement is actually true, it stills paints a very negative picture of both Jimbo and Wikipedia in the opinion of John H. Gohde.

Sex Results in Better Biographies on Wikipedia?

In brief, Rachel Marsden complains about her biography on Wikipedia and ends up having steamy sex with Jimbo Wales. Rachel feeling used by Wales, releases some rather embarrassing IM chat transcripts to Valleywag on Friday, February 29, 2008 that go far beyond sex. Thus, Wales gets caught in the act of trading a favorable biography writeup on Wikipedia for sex. And being the man that Jimbo is, responds by dumping his girlfriend in a very insensitive manner in a feeble attempt to salvage his reputation.

John H. Gohde believes that the local Richmond, Virginia radio disc jockeys would say that Jimbo threw Rachel under the bus in a failed attempt to save himself in the press.

John H. Gohde asks: If a female goes to the police department to make a complaint and ends up having sex with the police chief, what should happen? And, wonders: Do you have to have sex with Jimbo before you can expect favorable treatment on Wikipedia? John H. Gohde thinks that the public has a right to know.

John H. Gohde further asks: Could Jimbo’s past connection with the Sex Industry have anything to do with his behavior on Wikipedia? Wales must be a gluten for punishment, for Jimbo decided to fool around with a female who is reported to have had a very long history of torrid sexual affairs, job terminations, and sexual harassment complaints.

Being a real pro at handling being dumped by men, Marsden responded by auctioning off a very smelly sweater and tee shirt of Wales on eBay. Putting Jimbo once again in the tabloid headlines.

John H. Gohde congratulates Jimbo Wales for being such a fine judge of character. And, for knowing exactly what to do with women asking for help on Wikipedia.

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  1. Wikipedia’s biography of Rachel Marsden documents that Wikipedia is a virtual world of the mentally ill. Their torrid love affair is actually wikified in the article in order to blurb the distinction between fantasy and objectivity for ever. On Wikipedia, there is only one truth: Whatever Jimbo says that it is.

    Clearly, Jimbo can no more control his women than he can block the development of fringe articles on Wikipedia. When things simply don’t go his way, Jimbo revises history on Wikipedia in order to achieve a NPOV on his nonsense.

  2. Dictator Jimbo of totalitarian Wikipedia regime is truely in violation of COI and NPOV He shows total contempt for Wikipedian policy that he himself helped authored. I see no other solution but to have User:Jimbo Wales community banned and blocked from editing Wikipedia. As a fellow Wikipedian I am appauled by his behavior and biased double standards to continually abuse Wikipedian policy for his self interests.

    Jimmy Wales, you should be ashamed of yourself and what Wikipedia has become. A cesspool of extreme political factions social engineering Wikipedia for their own alternative and biased reasons.

    Wikipedia has become the perfect propoganda machine that is the precipice of destruction on humanity.

    I am sure when historians look back at these turbulent times, they will not even recognize or comprehend the path of history!

    Jimmy Wales can only be seen as a Lucifer sent disciple, here to destroy the world!

    God Help us All

  3. Classy Jimmy Wales Dumps Girlfriend Publicly on Wikipedia

    Does classy Jimmy Wales know how to treat the women in his life: Asks John H. Gohde?

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