Snowspinner Did John H. Gohde Wrong!

John H. Gohde has a never ending need to post stuff about Wikipedia. John says an obvious topic would be trolls who have gotten in his face at Wikipedia. Mr. Gohde after reviewing his third arbitration case, says that Snowspinner the Troll, clearly stands out.

John H. Gohde – Paybacks Snowspinner

John H. Gohde was attacked recently for calling all admins mentally ill.


Snowspinner – Troll of the 3rd Ban

Philip Sandifer, aka Snowspinner
Administrator, Wikipedia
Managing Editor of student run ImageTexT

Chubby Snowspinner calls himself a Ph.D. student focusing on media studies in the Department of English at the University of Florida. John H. Gohde reports that another spin says that Snowspinner is majoring in the interdisciplinary study of comics and related media. While others have called it specializing in comics studies.

John H. Gohde Gives His Opinion

John H. Gohde has no problem believing that this professional student has been trying to get a Ph.D. in Comic Books for quite a long time. Mr. Gohde doesn’t care if Snowspinner makes a distinction about Web comics. John says that doubters should take a look at Snowspinner’s resume.

John H. Gohde Wants to Know

John H. Gohde wants to know if a fatty who lives 24×7 in the virtual world of Wikipedia, and a professional student taking for ever to get a Ph.D. in Comic Books should be considered mentally ill? Is that a big Yes?

John H. Gohde definitely thinks so. 🙂

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  1. Snowspinner Did John H. Gohde Wrong!

    John H. Gohde writes about his adventures with Snowspinner on Wikipedia.

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