John Gohde Talks About His Infamous InfoBoxes

John Gohde was viciously attacked by the Trolls of Wikipedia when he first started placing his infamous infoboxes in the various articles and talk pages on Wikipedia. John wasn’t doing anything that the other wikiprojects were not doing at the same time. Marking articles on Wikipedia that were related to your project was simply what project participants did, according to John Gohde.

Terms and concepts
Philosophy of …
Branches of …
Famous People in …
History of …
Index of topic

John Gohde Developed CamMenu

John Gohde simply modeled his primary infobox, CamMenu, for the Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine directly after the box being used by the project on Buddhism. Their infobox was never attacked by the Trolls of Wikipedia. John’s reasoning at the time was that Buddhism was an alien religion. Alternative medicine was likewise considered alien to conventional medicine. The placements of the Buddhist’s infobox was currently accepted in Wikipedia. Therefore, so would the infobox of the project on alternative medicine likewise be accepted. Boy was Mr. Gohde ever wrong!

John Gohde had forgotten about the Trolls of Wikipedia. Even though every wikiproject on Wikipedia was using infoboxes, colored their boxes with an unique color that uniquely identified their project, and were using lists rather than categories to classify articles; the Trolls of Wikipedia decided to attack the edits of John Gohde.

John Gohde – Braches of Alternative Medicine Infobox

Natural Health
This article is part of the branches of CAM series.
CAM Classifications
NCCAM: Biologically Based Therapy
Modality: Self-care
Knowledge: Protoscience
Culture: Western
Alternative Medicine
Terms and concepts
Philosophy of …
Branches of …
Famous People in …
History of …
Index of topic

The tiny CamMenu infobox by itself was only placed on the alternative medicine article at Wikipedia, because it was a top level article. The CamMenu infoxbox was actually nested inside of a bigger infobox that was intended to be placed just on the branches of alternative medicine articles.

The CamMenu infoBox was attacked because it used lists rather than categories to classify articles on Wikipedia. The Troll known as David Gerard called it spam. And, the Troll known as Snowspinner went around deleting a bunch of them because the CamMenu Infobox was using lists rather than categories. Snowspinner claimed also that they were promoting alternative medicine.

The original infoboxes actually classified alternative medicine as pseudoscience. This made everybody mad. John Gohde was thinking that if he called alternative medicine a pseudoscience that this would make the boxes acceptable to the Trolls. The proponents of alternative medicine were naturally furious about calling their favorite branch of alternative medicine pseudoscience. Unfortunately for John Gohde, Trolls like Theresa Knott couldn’t have cared less. So, John Gohde had to go around and individually changed each infobox by removing the knowledge classification.

Snowspinner obvioulsy was trying to harass John Gohde by deleting just a handful of these boxes. Since once John got ban, he stopped deleting these infoboxes. To this day, most of the branches of alternative medicine articles still have these infamous infoboxes on them.

Today, John Gohde reports, the infobox for the project on Buddhism looks entirely different from the box that John modeled his infobox after. The Buddhist project’s infobox is now a lot taller and looks radically different. Nor, was that project ever attacked for using lists.

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  1. John Gohde Talks About His Infamous InfoBoxes

    John H. Gohde writes on anything and everything that pokes fun at the concept that Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia established by a pornographer, could possibly stand on the right-hand side of god in the virtue department.

  2. Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that anybody can edit?

    How many green editors who knew nothing about developing websites could figure out the coding required to develop a nesting infobox on Wikipedia?

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