Wikipedia – Its Hatred and Bigotry Cataloged

John H. Gohde reports that one fool recently commented that he had gone too far dumping on some of the specific trolls at Wikipedia. John’s position is that on the contrary, John H. Gohde has not gone nearly far enough to ridicule these sorry excuses for human beings at Wikipedia.

John H. Gohde is Returning the Favor

John H. Gohde is not doing anything that the Trolls of Wikipedia did not first do to him. What the trolls did to him, John is all too glad to do back to them.

Wikipedia Violated the Privacy of John H. Gohde

First of all, these slime buckets deliberately violated John’s privacy as an anonymous editor on Wikipedia. John H. Gohde did not start out using his real name. It was positively John’s decision to use the Mr-Natural-Health account name. And, it was positively the Trolls of Wikipedia who first disclosed his real name on Wikipedia.

Violation of Privacy is Serious

On the Internet, violation of privacy is extremely serious. It is no laughing matter to violate the privacy of visitors and users on websites.

Wikipedia Disclosed Dirt on John H. Gohde, First

Debarred Lawyer, Fred BauderThe debarred lawyer, Fred Bauder, practically from day one publicly disclosed so-called dirt on John H. Gohde from what he was able to obtain from the Internet.

This troll publicly disclosed John’s real name, his mailing address, and a half dozen very old threads on various newsgroups; all from searching the Internet during the proceedings of the very first arbitration case on Wikipedia. Fred Bauder, the Bozo, accused John of the crime of Internet advertisement on Something that positively was not true, but even if it were true; certainly is nothing the least bit shocking or offensive. This Troll further called John H. Gohde a notorious Internet troll and wanted to have John permanently banned based upon the dirt that he had found on John on the Internet.

John H. Gohde would just like like the Trolls of Wikipedia to know that what goes around comes around. John is not the least bit embarrassed by the old newsgroup threads disclosed by Fred Bauder. While Fred disclosed total nonsense on John, John H. Gohde returned the favor by disclosing some real dirt on him. John recommends that the Troll Fred Bauder should be run out of Wikipedia on a horse, tarred and feathered. John H. Gohde thanks Fred for not soliciting sex from him during the course of the arbitration.

John H. Gohde having learned his lesson well on Wikipedia, says that any dirt that John comes across on the Trolls of Wikipedia will be publicly disclosed on this blog of his no matter what other people might think about it. The Trolls of Wikipedia obtained dirt from his activities outside of Wikipedia. The Trolls of Wikipedia did it to John, first. And, it is about time that John H. Gohde got around to returning the favor.

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  1. Wikipedia – Its Hatred and Bigotry Cataloged

    What Wikipedia did to John H. Gohde is fair game for John to do to the Trolls of Wikipedia.

  2. It is, also, about time that I started returning the favor to another group of Trolls at the GWH group. The first step was to document an entire thread of abuse on Google Customer Service, in the event that Adam finally gets around to deleting it. Always plenty to write on Adam, Webado, and their never ending nonsensical advice that they keep on spewing out.

    Also, trying to startup a natural health blog, too. But, that one has not taken off, yet.

  3. Keep it up! People like the drama and the gossip. Just do not take it too seriously! I know some of these people really went out of their way to Troll you, but just do not get obsessed by them! Make it fun, and let them get irritated if it bothers them so much.

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