John H. Gohde says that Truth Never Changes

The Truth About Wikipedia sounded like an interesting video that was posted recently to YouTube. But at 43 minutes, I soon gave up trying to play it on dial-up. Why Google and YouTube seem not to comprehend the fact that many people are not connecting to the Web with monstrously big, expensive and powerful computers with lightspeed connections using the latest technology; is totally beyond John H. Gohde.

While this blog entry on moral relativism applied to Wikipedia truth, originally caught his attention. Its conclusion that:

“Truth itself is always evolving, even the experts’ notion of it.”

sounds awfully like the opinion of a mentally ill liberal.

In John’s world, Up means up. And, Down is always referring to down. Any other position indicates a confused mind, that should learn to shut the heck up. Good is not evil, nor is evil ever considered good. Truth is never a matter of moral relativism, as most academic liberals seem to think that it ought to be.

While you might be able to argue that one’s perception of the truth is always changing and evolving, truth itself is always absolute.

So, in John’s quest to post about the real truth of Wikipedia Mr. Gohde came upon a couple of better videos that were a heck of a lock shorter, and thereby more watchable on dial-up. John H. Gohde says that if you cannot spit out your position in a couple of minutes then you really don’t know what the heck you are talking about. And, are at best a confused puppy, and at worst a mentally ill liberal. 😦

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  1. The Hate Blogger just commented on my other blog.

  2. The Hate Blogger has been resisting commenting on any of my blogs for over one year, yet now impulsively comments.

    Gee, could it be that I have said something that hit home?

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