How the Trolls Game Wikipedia

In recent weeks, news stories have reported on how the Trolls have been gaming Wikipedia. While the Trolls of Wikipedia ban honest editors for gaming the system, they themselves have brought the art of gaming to a new level of depravity. Sex and money scandals are only the tip of the iceberg, reports John H. Gohde.

What is gaming the systen? The Trolls of Wikpedia have rules against everything. And, gaming is no exception:WP:GAME.

“Gaming the system is an abuse of process and disruptive.”

Excuse me, but is not trading money and sex for a better write-up, an abuse of process? Or, are trading sex and money the real aims of the Trolls of Wikipedia? And, have not all the ancitics of Jimbo Wales that have made the news, been disruptive?

Cliques and factional conflicts are certainly one way that the Trolls of Wikipedia routinely game the system. In Wikipedia, it is not what you know but who you know that counts. Support of a prominent Troll, or a romantic relationship with a really big Troll is what counts in Wikipedia rather than rightness of your position.

Certainly, mob rule, is often how the Trolls of Wikipedia game the system.

The Trolls of Wikipedia constantly badgering editors, actually foolish enough to create real content, along with their perversion of all their silly rules of process is WP:GAME by every sense of the concept in the opinion of John H. Gohde.

Is not restricting the inner circle of Trolls, to sexual perverts and other mentally ill admins who live 24×7 on Wikipedia, gaming the system?

Elect a new group of arbitrators, who are actually NORMAL people with a personal life of their own; and everyone of the current crop of Trolls on the arbitration committee would be banned for life, in the opinion John H. Gohde.

Think that that everyone is on an equal footing at Wikipedia? Then you are a victim of the Trolls of Wikipedia gaming. 😦

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