John H Gohde on the Pervasiveness of the Wikipedia Thought Police

John H Gohde is only one of thousands and thousands of people who have come to the exact same conclusions about Wikipedia. There is a new interesting blog post on the trials and tribulations of trying to edit articles on Wikipedia.

John H. Gohde on Thought Police

Mark O’Neill has written an excellent article on The Wikipedia Thought Police.

“But something is fundamentally and fatally flawed with Wikipedia and it is something which has finally made me give up trying to edit Wikipedia articles. It is something which is making George Orwell’s 1984 predictions all come true. It is something that in true Orwellian style, the National Post calls the “Thought Police”.”

While most would consider trying to use Wikipedia as a way to plug new products, a very dubious way to use an encyclopeida, what is really so wrong about this concept? Wikipedia is afterall one gigantic warehouse of really boring and useless information. What one finds boring, another person might indeed find useful information.

Wikipedia’s groupthink mentality pervades a very large genera of articles. And, is not just restricted to alternative medicine.

John H. Gohde Says It Is Simple

John H. Gohde reports that getting any article to stick in Wikipeida is simply a matter of writing it from the correct perspective. He has come across more than one editor who was simply clueless about their absolutely horrible writing style.

But, the concept of companies paying consultants to actually write articles in Wikipedia should be pretty hard to stomach for anybody.

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