John H. Gohde Saves The Trolls of Wikipedia

John H. Gohde saved the day when he expertly rescued The Trolls of Wikipedia blog from a fate worst than death. It was a close call, but John knew exactly how to retrieve its home page from the throws of certain doom much to the chagrin of JLH.

Faithful followers of this Blog were probably wondering what happen to it.

For a long time it was riding high on the search engine result pages (SERPs). And, then poof! It seemly vanished for a week or two. John H. Gohde knew exactly what was going on. So he managed to keep his cool. And, did exactly what was necessary to bring it back so that the entire world could continue to marvel at the dark side of Wikipedia.

After weeks of being on top of JLH, the home page of this blog landed in Google’s supplemental index. It would have been a living hell had this blog remained in the supplementals much longer. Google can be a real pain in the butt sometimes to deal with. But, no fear … John H. Gohde saved the day! 🙂

John H. Gohde – Elite SEO

John would like JLH to know that he is available for training. John H. Gohde will teach JLH how to be a real SEO pro for only $10,000 dollars a day. That is real cheap JLH! Just ask Jimbo Wales.

Poor JLH, … laughs Mr. Gohde. This blog is posed to deal JLH a death blow in Google’s SERPs. 🙂

John H Gohde will continue to laugh at JLH when this cool blog of his, leaves JLH’s garbage dump of a blog behind in the dust. Gee, crushing JLH with a Free WordPress blog is so easy.

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