Wikipedia Makes it Easy for Kids to Access Nude Pictures recently did an exposé on nudity and sex in Wikipedia being easily accessible to children. As a result of this news coverage, the FBI is now reviewing a Wikipedia nude photo of a 10 year old girl; as a possible violation of Federal child-pornography laws; reported John H. Gohde.

On May 06, 2008 Chelsea Schilling published a news story entitled: “Is Wikipedia wicked porn? – Online encyclopedia proudly posts graphic sexual images kids can see.” In her report, Schilling reported that Matt Barber, a constitutional law attorney for a Women’s organization stated:

Children use Wikipedia all of the time for reports for school, and this stuff is not just pornography, this is hard-core pornography,” he said. “Much of it may even be in violation of our nation’s obscenity laws.”

Of course, there is nothing new in this news story other than that Wikipedia is now under a criminal investigation for Kiddie Porn. Should anybody be surprised that an encyclopedia started by a former porngrapher is not acting as a responsible Internet citizen in regards to protecting minors from contact with sexual images? I hardly think so, muses John H. Gohde. And, it is about time that more people publicly expressed outrage at Wikipedia’s policy that allows sexually explicit images on their online encyclopedia.

Certainly, Wikipedia has no mechanism in place to check for the age of its viewers. Perhaps, getting busted for violating Federal child-pornography laws would be just the wake up call that Wikipedia needs?

Nor, is the imagery on Wikipedia like the National Geographic of my generation. Wikipedia, the heartland of Liberalism, provides a how to manual, in explicit detail, of just about every sexual perversion imaginable.

Cataloging the location of imagery not fit for viewing by impressionable children and preventing their access thereof might just be a good way of blowing a few million dollars recently collected by Wikipedia?

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  1. Nowadays if a child wants to see naked pics… he can easily see them… I think that the fault, even for this unnatural situation… with wikipedia, belongs to the parents of the child… We cannot reject the evolution of the web development…so all we can do… is write about this… but what we should do… is to take care of our children.

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