John H. Gohde on Wikipedia Gone Mad

What is Wikipedia, if not the greatest depository on Earth of totally useless information? Are some businesses being openly promoted on Wikipedia? Has Wikipedia Gone Mad? John H. Gohde says that is a big yes.


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John H. Gohde – Trolls are Allowed to Break the Rules

John H. Gohde muses: Why are the Trolls allowed to break the rules?

There is a double-standard on Wikipedia. Trolls are allowed to break the rules anytime that they feel like it. While anybody who expresses a point-of-view outside of Wikipedia’s groupthink mentality is subjected to harassment that more often than not will lead up to banishment, reports John H. Gohde.


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John H. Gohde Trashes Wikipedia’s Privacy Policy

To say that Wikipedia and John H. Gohde don’t get along is an understatement. 🙂

Wikipedia intentionally and grossly violated the rights of John H. Gohde as an user. Wikipedia deliberately violated his privacy rights as an editor. He first registered as Mr-Natural-Heath, but they soon deliberately exposed his personal identity. They deliberately violated his rights to privacy, by any sense of the term. (more…)

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