John H. Gohde Trashes Wikipedia’s Privacy Policy

To say that Wikipedia and John H. Gohde don’t get along is an understatement. 🙂

Wikipedia intentionally and grossly violated the rights of John H. Gohde as an user. Wikipedia deliberately violated his privacy rights as an editor. He first registered as Mr-Natural-Heath, but they soon deliberately exposed his personal identity. They deliberately violated his rights to privacy, by any sense of the term. Then to add insult to injury these holier-than-thou slime-buckets had the nerve to actually sit in judgment upon John H. Gohde. Wikipedia has a long history of repeatedly violating John’s rights as a human being. It is not okay with John H. Gohde. It has not been forgotten nor forgiven by John. Nor, will it ever be.

Not Enough For John H. Gohde

Receipt of monetary damages for what Wikipedia did to John H. Gohde for past, current, and future wrongs will never be good enough for him.

Wikipedia, you can take your Privacy Policy and shove it up your great big asshole (see also Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole). Your kind of liberal scum should be exposed for what you are, and trashed along with all your obscene and otherwise clearly offensive articles and pictures, as far as John H. Gohde is concerned.

John H. Gohde Cleans Up Wikipedia

Wikipedia it is time for Spring Cleaning. It is time to throw out your trash, advises John H. Gohde.

With John H. Gohde it is simply a matter of self-respect. You are trash Wikipedia. And, John is doing everything within his power to expose the entire planet Earth to the real truth about Wikipedia — the encyclopedia founded by a pornographer. 🙂

For all the juicy details, all the public has to do is to read through this entire blog. Alternatively, you can use the search feature on the upper right sidebar. Or, you visually scan through its html sitemap.

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