John H. Gohde – Trolls are Allowed to Break the Rules

John H. Gohde muses: Why are the Trolls allowed to break the rules?

There is a double-standard on Wikipedia. Trolls are allowed to break the rules anytime that they feel like it. While anybody who expresses a point-of-view outside of Wikipedia’s groupthink mentality is subjected to harassment that more often than not will lead up to banishment, reports John H. Gohde.

John H. Gohde is Watching

John H. Gohde is watching Fyslee. The Trolls of Wikipedia should remember that every one of your edits are recorded. John sure did not have to look very hard for this Troll knowingly breaking all the rules. Fyslee is the Troll who successfully double-teamed Mr. Gohde in order to get him banned for the fourth time for a very minor infraction of the rules.

John H. Gohde Outs Fylsee

“The purpose of a Wikipedia talk page is to provide space for editors to discuss changes to its associated article or project page. Article talk pages should not be used by editors as platforms for their personal views.” [WP:Talk]

Fyslee that means, You! Just thought that you might want to abide by the rules on talk:Alternative Medicine. Remember your little private discussion on: Two new RS by two authorities on this subject? John H. Gohde certainly had no problem spotting your blatant violation of WP:Talk in April 2008.

John H. Gohde is Laughing

John would like to remind Fyslee that he won the battle, but lost the war. There Fyslee sits babbling away on a couple of popular press books, breaking the rules, because he is totally impotent to do anything about the real problem.

John H. Gohde says Fyslee Lost!

Go ahead Fyslee break all the rules on Wikipedia. John forgives you for your Trolling ways. Because you clearly lost the war. And, are at a total lost as to what to do about it. 🙂

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