John H. Gohde on Wikipedia Gone Mad

What is Wikipedia, if not the greatest depository on Earth of totally useless information? Are some businesses being openly promoted on Wikipedia? Has Wikipedia Gone Mad? John H. Gohde says that is a big yes.

John H. Gohde Exposes Wikipedia

Is it any wonder that businesses are paying consultants to write articles about their products on Wikipedia when articles like The Shops at Willow Lawn Mall in Richmond, Virginia exist? Has Wikipedia gone Mad. John H. Gohde definitely thinks so.

Excuse me Wikipedia, but why are you promoting some businesses while not allowing the mention of others? Is that not just like Liberals claiming that there is no advertisement on Public Television, where viewers are forced to hear about who funded the program? More evidence of mad Trolls existing all over the place on Wikipedia?

You trolls gone mad on Wikipedia got a category on Shopping malls in Virginia. If you are a normal person of average intelligence you should be very much aware of the fact that shopping malls are businesses. And, any mention of a business in Wikipedia is a promotion of a business. After all websites have been stomped on for a very long time for placing links to their site on Wikipedia, yet here we see an entire category dedicated to openly promoting the shopping mall business.

John H. Gohde says You are Nuts Wikipedia

Next we see a category called Shopping centers established in 1954, while both the Mall and the article itself advertises that the Mall was opened in 1956. More madness on the part of Wikpedia? Or, merely insane Trolls reasoning that the establishment of a business comes before its actual opening date, muses John H. Gohde?

John H. Gohde outs Advertisement on Wikipedia

John does not care what the Trolls of Wikipedia are claiming. An article on a business that would be of no interest to any rational person with a personal life is nothing but an advertisement.

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  1. It gets worst. Wikipedia has a WikiProject on Shopping Centers with a very large number of participants whose particular interest is collecting malls that have gone out of business.

    Try to tell me now, that hordes of editors without a life do not exist on Wikipedia.

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