John H. Gohde asks: Is Wikipedia Ever Correct?

Is there absolutely anything in, on, or connected with Wikipedia that is remotely correct? Hmn, … Now that is a deep question, muses John H. Gohde. What do you guys think?

There was an interesting article written by by Patrick Altoft that suggested that Wikipedia can teach us about SEO. John H. Gohde himself recently suggested the same thing on Editing on Wikipedia is Good Training, as well as on Wikify Your Website.

Can Wikipedia really teach us about SEO?

John H. Gohde runs serveral different blogs and websites. His writing style is basically the same on all of his sites. John H. Gohde cut his teeth as an editor on Wikipedia. John talked about the development of his sites on John H. Gohde Can See Into The Future. So, is everything that John writes an SEO success? Hardly. 😦

You have to take Google into account. Seems with WordPress blogs, John H. Gohde’s most serious subject on Natural Cures which he knows the most about and which is totally objective and factual has been totally trashed by Google. John’s next most serious subject on SEO has been virtually snubbed by Google. Then we see John H. Gohde writings on the Darkside of Wikipedia. That semi-serious topic has likewise been pretty much snubbed by Google. While John’s most successful WordPress blog is about dumping on the Hate Blogger. Which pretty much explains the success of the Hate Blogger. Google seems to prefer indexing gossip and newsgroup garbage when it comes to blogs.

No, Wikipedia Knows Nothing About SEO

So it appears with the off-page factor of Google taken into consideration the SEO road to success with WordPress blogs is writing garbage that strongly resembles comment spam, with the more foolish the comments made, the better. Try to write on a serious subject, following all the rules, and Google will be sure to snub you. 😦

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