John H. Gohde on Global Warming

Wikipedia clearly is taking the liberal position on Global Warming. John H. Gohde is correct when he says that Global Warming is being caused by Sun Spot activity, while Wikipedia is of course wrong as usual. How predictable muses, John H. Gohde?

John could write a very academic post on Global Warming, complete with sources and citations good enough enough for publication in any academic oriented journal. And it, of course, would be snubbed by Google. John could simply criticized the article on Global Warming in Wikipedia. Or, John H. Gohde could point at other articles criticizing Wikipedia’s position on global warming.

In a nutshell, the Global Warming argument states that mankind’s pollution is causing the climate to warm up. And, that in about ten years Global Warming will plunge planet Earth into another mini ice age. There was even a very crappy movie on this upcoming mini-ice age that was recently released by HBO. And, everyone with mush for brains knows that you can bank on what HBO puts into their movies.

So, we now can all now have another good laugh at Wikipedia being in bed with HBO. 😦

Of course, these global alarmists have to revise their mini-ice age predictions every ten years, when old man winter fails to show up as predicted.

If you happen to have a brain then you are very much aware of the fact that.

  1. Climate is cyclical. Over time, climate has always being changing.
  2. Our climate currently is warming up due to micro variations in solar output that appears to be correlated with sun spot activity.
  3. That the Northern Hemisphere has about another 300 years to go before another mini-ice age will take place.
  4. That the froze over American Revolutionary war took place during the tail end of the last mini ice age.
  5. That it was in fact warmer 1,000 years ago in England, then it is today, when there was very obviously no man made pollution problem.
  6. That the last mini-ice age started around 1300 AD which killed off about 25% of the human population in about one decade due to massive and repeated crop failures.
  7. That one super volcanic eruption, such as Mount St. Helens, puts more pollution into the air than mankind can create in a hundred years of irresponsible activities.

There was an interesting article writen by Lawrence Solomon on Wikipropaganda On Global Warming. That was published on CBS News that documents quite well how all the liberal trolls on Wikipedia have made a mockery of Wikipeidia’s article on Global Warming.

John H. Gohde agrees with CBS News on this issue of Wikipedia and Global Warming.

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