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Who is this Simon Barrett upstart? And, why is there no Wikipedia article on Simon, if he is all that important? Why have Simon and Jan Barrett been causing so much trouble on Blogger News Network (BNN)?

If I were to write an article on Simon Barrett, I would first have to locate background information on him. While he has interviewed a lot of people, it appears that no one has ever interviewed Simon.

Searching the Web, one finds that there is really not a lot of good information available on him.

The oldest bit of information says that he is an adult educator in Calgary, Alberta and a contributing editor for Blogger News Network.

On BNN itself we learn that he is allegedly a 35 year veteran of the Computer Industry. What exactly does that mean? And, how does that fit in with him being an adult educator? Who knows? In a recent computer related post of his on BNN Simon wrote:

“My main computer is a bunch of bits that lived on top of a cardboard box, there is no case, the on/off switch is a steak knife that I use to short two pins with on the motherboard, occasionally the power supply falls off, and on more than one occasion I have inadvertently kicked it and the hard drive has fallen off resulting in it hanging by the IDE cable.”

This makes Simon Barrett on BNN cheaper than John H. Gohde when it comes to buying computer equipment.

Simon Barrett is now the senior editor for Blogger News Network and lives in a small town in Mississippi. Overall, most of Simon’s book-reviews have been pretty much ignored by the public. They get a few hundred hits a piece, and usually have absolutely no comments on them. His success came about when he managed to stumble upon covering Casey Anthony and Haleigh Cummings on Blog Talk Radio every Sunday afternoon.

Prior to that, Internet interest in Simon Barrett pretty much stunk. Sorry Simon, but there is only enough material here for a stub article. And, it probably would end up being deleted, anyway, since there is absolutely nothing noteworthy about your life.

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