Steph Watts Got His Foot in the Door

Steph Watts got himself recognized in Wikipedia, but it is only a stub article. Steph’s article got its work cut out for itself, if it is to survive the first attempt to delete it.

In What’s Up with Steph Watts I covered his crummy WordPress blog. My write up offered several good suggestions on how it could be successfully turned around literally overnight.

Simon Barrett on BNN claimed that Steph Watts is the same guy with the Misty exclusive story. Quite frankly, I thought that his exclusive story with Misty looked very amateurish for it to have been written by a journalist. Even I could have written a more believable post.

The stub in Wikipedia on Steph Watts is little more than a publicity write up that only covers the last few years of his rather short and uneventful life. It even looks like it was written just to account for the latest episode in the Misty Cummings saga.

Obviously the stub needs a lot of work. Where is his date of birth, mention of his schooling, and early family life in Canada? Is Steph a legal immigrant to the United States, or even a naturalized American citizen? Why did he move to the States? Does Steph speak French?

How about his career as a forest ranger in Canada? How successful was Steph Watts at modeling for the prestigious Elite agency while attending Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada? What made him go into journalism, with his good looks?

The equivalent of a filmography should be added for Steph that details chronologically his work in the journalism field.

If Steph Watts was all that important as a journalist, why wouldn’t Simon Barrett on Blog Talk Radio have interviewed him by now? Internet radio is where authors like Nancy Grace go to promote their new books. It certainly would be a good way to promote himself as a journalist. I am making an Open Offer to Simon Barrett on Blogger News Network to do the guy a favor by interviewing him.

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