Persnickety Posting on RadioNewz Blog is Reminiscent of Wikipedia

All the Bull Chit going on daily on Radio’s RadioNewz Blog strongly reminds me of my editing days on Wikipedia. Is it time for all these Internet Trolls to get a life?

RadioNewz Blog Forum:

As bad as Cannibalism?

Tattered just coming back from a long quarrantine is called bitter just before being sent to the dungeon for a few hours.
Has anyone seen all the snide comments being routinely made over at Radio’s Forum? Tattered just coming back from a long time-out is accused of being bitter just before being sent to the dungeon for a few hours so that she could think about her so called problem in isolation.

Persnickety comments are routine on RadioNewz Blog.

I say persnickety, while Radio’s peeps prefer to say snark .

The entire atmosphere of this forum is either down right sophomoric or consists largely of hostile engagements that are plague with rampant and widespread accusations of “tit for tat” posting and baiting. Radio refuses to define exactly what this “tit for tat” baiting is supposed to mean. Does it signify underlying sexual tension for Radio? Who knows? And, that exactly is the problem.

As an outsider, it appears that anything that Green Chicken Chit writes is deemed good for the RadioNewz Blog whereas anybody promoting the notion that Misty obviously did it is declared to be engaging in the evil of “tit for tat” posting and baiting. Unfortunately, this is exactly how the modern parlance of Politically Correct language is used by social engineering wackos to suppress free speech in America. 😦

beating a dead horseIn Radio’s RadioNewz Sophomoric Forum the notion that the medium is the message, is given new meaning.

RadioNewz Blog Forum Exposé

I had last caught up with the all the persnickety goings on over on RadioNewz Blog Forum in Haleigh Cummngs – How could it have happened, where I compared those Internet Addicted Trolls to the Croslin family. Prior to that, Radio’s joke of a forum was covered very well in (Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé as well as Lisa Croslin – RadioNewz Blog Exposé – Backlash). In this post, I am going to connect the dots from RadioNewz Blog to morbid human cannibalism.

Why was Mr. Peabody banned at the RadioNewz Forum? The answer becomes rather obvious once your realize that Radio is painfully aware of the fact that her forum is rapidly coming to a complete halt. Analysis of what is actually going on at RadioNewz Blog quickly reveals that her forum is near death. Just like Simon Barrett on BNN, the Haleigh Cummings missing person case has brought a mother-load of hits that resulted in a sudden resurgence of life to their respective Blogs. While the RadioNewz Blog appears at first glance to cover a number of different topics, that is not true at all. Every one of her topics other than Haleigh Cummings has consistently resulted in a dead-end. Radio’s other topics, even the extremely popular Casey Anthony, are NOT going anywhere. They are at best barely one thread long, covering only a handful of pages that are quickly abandoned by her peeps. I mean really, anybody who cannot succeed in covering the Casey Anthony case is NOT trying very hard. So, what is the operator of a dying Internet forum supposed to do?

Radio’s solution to this impartial outside observer appears to be occasionally throwing one of her members under the bus in order to create controversy and maintain interest in continuing posting on some 70+ threads that purportedly cover only Haleigh Cummings. I am asking, is Radio in order to survive in her all important role of forum dictator intentionally engaging in the metaphorical cannibalism of her peeps, one by one?

Of course, with Radio it is more than a simple banning. She sometimes like to toy to with her peeps like a cat plays with a mouse, before feasting on them. Currently, Radio is playing with one of her peeps, FlaLady, allegedly because of her activities on Twitter. The latest victim of Radio apparently was placed in isolation in a place called the Dungeon, just before the Thanksgiving holiday started. In Forum Members and Twitter, Social Media, Radio has actually let her peeps vote on the demise of Radio’s latest victim who yesterday was very popular on her Blog, but today is being treated like yesterday’s garbage. How sad?

Prior to FlaLady being trashed Traveler managed to disappear with very little commotion. Then there was Levi Page who disappeared under rather suspiciousness circumstances. One of the moderators reported receiving some type of communication from Levi claiming that he had quit Radio’s RadioNewz Blog Forum because of all the arguing going on. I don’t believe any of Radio’s peeps because they lie all the time. They could easily have been trying to discretely cover up Levi being banned.

What is going on with Radio is so blatantly obvious that a number of her members have actually been openly joking about whether herself or some nurse lady intentionally created Misty’s 4 Page Typewritten Letter Received In Jail as stunt calculated to create interest in Radio’s Haleigh Cummings Forum whose posting activity is finally but surely starting to wane. That letter, of course, is total crap that reminds me of the Nay Nay debacle on BNN.

Silly Radio lets these outright accusations slide by her, as long as her “tit for tat” peeps include a LOL or two in their posts. 😆


UPDATE: Persnickety Posting on RadioNewz Blog is Reminiscent of Wikipedia

Radio’s deliberate torture of FlaLady is finally over. From just before the Thanksgiving Holiday, FlaLady was allowed to logon as FlaLady and worry about her future with RadioNewz Blog, but could NOT post anything new.

Radio's latest victim FINALLY has been banned.

Radio's latest victim FINALLY has been banned.

Radio’s peeps designated as GUESTS have been banned. Do NOT believe any of Radio’s lies and denials.

It is interesting to note that FlaLady was NOT one of my friends. She was the peep who actually ended up getting moi, aka Mr. Peabody, banned in a Cage incident, that I have referred to in my first post in this series of articles.

FlaLady illustrates my point about the folly of wasting your time on Radio’s RadioNewz Blog Forum. With Radio, you can be one of her favorites one day, but tomorrow you will end up as roadkill.

All anyone has to do is read through some of the old postings and you will come across a very large number of persons designated as GUESTS. Isn’t it rather odd why so many of Radio’s peeps have been banned?

Look Here

Radio on RadioNewz Blog Forum censors outside activities and thoughts. She demands that everyone of her peeps routinely kiss her ass.

Radio moves onto Dr. Fessel and others.

Radio moves onto Dr. Fessel and others. Who is next? Only those who routinely kiss her arse survive.

Here, we see below moderator Storm vindictively deleting NcNana8 for her outside activity on Twitter.

Moderator Storm deleting NcNana8 on Twitter Bitches

Moderator Storm deleting NcNana8 on Twitter Bitches

Then this clip just about says it all. Radio admits to her perverse pleasure in banning posters to her Blog.

Radio the Perv who likes to toy with her peeps.

Radio the Perv who likes to toy with her peeps.


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  1. Free Ron Cummings!

  2. […] Persnickety Posting on RadioNewz Blog is Reminiscent of Wikipedia […]

  3. I have just updated this post.

    We should all take a moment and grieve for FlaLady. She has just been banned by Radio.

    Long live the dictator, Radio!

  4. Levi Page did not get banned, He deleted his account because as always there is the one or two that still think Ronald Cummings is entirely innocent and couldnt take Levi calling a spade and spade….

    • 😆 Boy are you gullible. Imagine an outspoken Ron did it person, like Levi, couldn’t deal with all the arguing on Radio’s Blog by all the Ron Haters. So, where is the problem? 😆

  5. why are you so obsessed with Radio? is there nothing going on elsewhere? there is so much to write about going on in this world! You sir seem to be stuck in your own little world! get a life asshole! or go cry to momma because no one else cares!

    • 111111 Ha, … Hah, Ha! I do NOT take advice from anyone named 111111, 222333 maybe, but certainly never from a 111111.

  6. […] Persnickety Posting on RadioNewz Blog is Reminiscent of Wikipedia […]

  7. I now have a total of six posts on this topic. See Haleigh Cummngs – How could it have happened for revelations of why Radio and all her perv moderators are nothing but mentally ill trolls who are addicted to the Internet.

    RadioNewz Blog – What Happened with Lisa Croslin is my latest post.

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