About The Trolls of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is far from being a paragon of virtue. And, over time this blog will be writing on anything and everything that laughs at the concept that an online encyclopedia established by a pornographer could possibly stand on the right-hand side of god in the virtue department.

The rules of Google have changed 180 degrees in the last 12 months on what ranks the highest in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google is currently favoring garbage dump blogs that repeat the same phrase over and over again. While keyword density still has a slight edge over content, there is no longer a major gap in the SERPs between the two in Google.

The hate blogger has been number one in the SERPS for John’s name for quite a while. So, it is no coincidence that this blog is imitating the style of the hate blogger. The hate blogger regularly babbles on what he falsely claims to be John’s activities on the Web. He regularly adds purely slanderous and imflamatory posts that are liberally laced with John’s name to his blog. Over time, this results in John H. Gohde being repeated an incredible number of times.

John H. Gohde on The Trolls of Wikipedia

Ergo, John brings you: John H. Gohde on the Trolls of Wikipedia.

John H. Gohde needed a topic that he could regularly post on. Thus, the follies constantly taking place on Wikipedia was a natural for this blog. Wikipedia is absolutely a mother load of topics to write on. Plus, it solved the problem of how to expose the world to the secretive dark life that governs how Wikipedia operates. There is something rotten in Denmark, at Wikipedia. And, this blog will help expose what is rotten at Wikipedia.

John was, also, able to add 14 pages of unique, non-indexed, material previously written by him and some Trolls with no effort on his part, thanks once again to the lunacy of Wikipedia .

Copyright (C) 2008 by John H. Gohde, All Rights Reserved.
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