John H. Gohde as an Author

John H. Gohde has written a large number of articles, project pages, templates, user pages, user talk pages, and whatever that have either been deleted or redirected to other pages due to the activities of the Trolls of Wikipedia.

Readers are invited to read through all of my ramblings on Wikipedia. I manage to figure out the lunacy called Wikipedia back in 2004, quite well. While a few things have changed I did managed to nail down the essence of Wikipedia as Mr-Natural-Health.

As Mr-Hatural-Health, my beliefs about Wikipedia were confirmed when I discovered that the second co-founder of Wikipedia was banned long before me for holding the same beliefs as I do.

John H. Gohde is a prolific writer who has written articles on other websites.

  1. The Natural Health Perspective – The primary Health website of John H. Gohde.
  2. John H Gohde – Shaping the World with opinion pieces about software.
  3. John H. Gohde – A Google page website, where John talks about himself.
  4. SEO from the Natural Health Perspective – Another WordPress blog on search engine optimization (SEO) being run by John H Gohde.
  5. John H. Gohde Commentator – A place to visit with many different crime discussions taking place on it.
  6. Yet Another WordPress Blog, on heath issues being run by John H. Gohde.
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