Classification Systems

Classification by Agent

This is a classification by who is performing the CAM treatments. It will be referenced inside our infobox in CAM articles that are part of the Branches of CAM series.

Professionalized Modalities

Professionalized modalities are forms of CAM that can be legally practiced only by individuals licensed to do so. This is the basis of all doctor – patient relationships.

Self-care Modalities

Self-care modalities are forms of CAM that an individual can perform by themselves, even if they need to be trained to do so.

Group Modalities

Group modalities are forms of CAM that an individual must seek out and perform with a group of like minded people.

  • Support groups
  • Dancing

Not Applicable

  • History of CAM
  • Famous people of CAM

Classification by Culture

It will be referenced inside our infobox in CAM articles that are part of the Branches of CAM series.


  • European Culture
  • New World Culture
    • American


  • Chinese Culture
    • traditional Chinese medicine
  • Asian Indian Culture
    • Ayurveda
  • Japanese Culture

Other Cultures

  • Eskimo Culture
  • African Culture
  • Native American Culture
  • Australian Culture
  • Australian Aborigine Culture

Classification by Standard of Knowledge and Quality of the Evidence

It will be referenced inside our infobox in CAM articles that are part of the Branches of CAM series.

<s>=== “Real” Science === Offers the highest quality of Knowledge / Evidence by Western standards. <s>* <s>The practice of evidence-based medicine is by definition backed by “real” science. <s>* <s>Integrative medicine has high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness standing behind it. These are CAM treatments that have actually been “proven” to work beyond palliative care.

<s>===Protoscience=== Is speculation or hypothesis which has not yet been tested adequately by the scientific method, but which is otherwise consistent with existing science or which, where inconsistent, offers reasonable account of the inconsistency (See Pseudoscience below). In short, a protoscience is presumed to be correct and valid, but we really cannot say for sure since real science has yet to prove it. <s>* <s>Branches of alternative medicine with several research studies that document the effectiveness of its treatments can be classified as protoscience provided the research studies are cited in the article. <s>* <s>The practice of clinical medicine with 85% of its current practices not having been verified by “real” science is thus a protoscience.

<s>===Pseudoscience=== Often the term pseudoscience is used simply as a pejorative to express the speaker’s low opinion of a given field, regardless of any objective measures (See Pseudoscience below). As purely a practical matter all branches of alternative medicine should be labeled as pseudoscience unless they can be placed in another category. <s>* Homeopathy <s>** Samuel Hahnemann before modern science even existed developed the pseudoscience of Homeopathy which used an experimental method of testing his alternate form of science which he called provings.

<s>===Enlightenment=== Enlightenment is a knowledge classification that is reserved for branches of alternative medicine that essentially are about achieving knowledge through some type of inner / mental transformation. This category would also include religious revelations. <s>*<s>Meditation

<s>===Supernatural=== Knowledge transcending the natural Supernatural are forms of knowledge that transcends the natural (i.e., have no physical form of existence). This knowledge classification is reserved for branches of alternative medicine that essentially are about relationships with or control over spirits, ghosts and other supernatural forces that exist as independent entities with cognitive abilities <s>* <s>Shamanism

Classification by NCCAM

NCCAM has classified CAM therapies into five different categories, or domains (See NCCAM below). It will be referenced inside our infobox in CAM articles that are part of the Branches of CAM series. This classification will, also, be utilized by all editors to determine the appropriate infobox to be placed within the CAM article.

Alternative Medical Systems

Alternative medical systems are built upon complete systems of theory and practice.

  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Ayurveda.

Mind-Body Interventions

Mind-body medicine uses a variety of techniques designed to enhance the mind’s capacity to affect bodily function and symptoms.

  • patient support groups
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • meditation, prayer, mental healing
  • art, music, or dance

Biologically Based Therapies

Biologically based therapies in CAM use substances found in nature and the use of other so-called “natural” therapies.

  • dietary supplements,3 herbal products
  • such as herbs, foods, and vitamins
  • shark cartilage to treat cancer
  • urine therapy

Manipulative and Body-Based Methods

Manipulative and body-based methods in CAM are based on manipulation and/or movement of one or more parts of the body.

  • chiropractic
  • osteopathic manipulation
  • massage.

Energy Therapies

Energy therapies involve the use of energy fields.

Classification by Safety

This classification ranks CAM by level of safety and effectiveness (See NCCAM below). This classification is utilized by our standards of quality guidelines. CAM articles which indicate within the text that they are either complementary or integrative medicine will be rated safe to the public. Otherwise, they will be rated alternative medicine, dangerous, or unsafe to the public. It will be used during the compliance audits of the respective CAM articles.

Integrative medicine

Offers the highest level of safety. These CAM therapies have some high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness standing behind them. In CAM circles, integrative medicine carries as much respect as evidence-based medicine does in conventional medicine.

Complementary medicine

Complementary medicine is a form of CAM used together with or alongside conventional medicine, especially as palliative care.

Alternative medicine

This type of CAM offers the lowest level of safety. It is consider dangerous because alternative medical treatments are used in place of conventional medicine.


  1. NCCAM classifies CAM therapies into five categories, or domain (
  2. Wikipedia – Pseudoscience

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  1. John H. Gohde was violated yet again by the troll Guy.

    Guy, a principal party to my recent arbitration had the above sub-project page deleted, which innocently explained the classification systems used to classify the branches of complementary and alternative medicine articles in the respective project’s infoboxes. All of the project’s sub-project pages are gradually being deleted by the Anti-alternative medicine bigots at Wikipedia.

    At Wikipedia, no one is allowed to use their brains, except of course for the Skeptic Trolls. Who are allowed to dream up evil plots, such as original research (otherwise known as doing what is logical) to justify anything that they feel like doing under the pretense of their medical scientism bigotry.

    The troll Guy, while not officially a Skeptic, is just a mentally ill admin whom at least one other editor called a piece of trash.

  2. Trolls at Wikipedia are mentally ill.

    All these trolls accomplished by deleting this sub-project page was to waste time.

    That sub-project page documented the classification systems used in the orange color infobox that was used by the project to classify the branches of alternative medicine on the respective articles. That Infobox was viciously attacked by trolls on Wikipedia, some four years ago. Nor, have any new orange colored infoboxes been added to any article in four years.

    Hence, those morons wasted their time on a totally useless operation. And, only highlights the fact that the mentally ill Trolls at Wikipedia have absolutely no idea of what they are looking at when they vote to delete an article.

    Their mental illness is highlighted all the more since nothing is ever actually physically deleted on Wikipedia. What Wikipedia is actually doing is known as a logical delete in database programming. While the public sees a red link for where the article used to be, a higher level Troll is in fact able to retore this project sub-page at any time.

    On the doublespeak of Wikipedia a ban is never a permanent ban. Nor, a deleted article ever actually physically deleted. So, it is never an issue of saving storage space or money.

    It always about a process set up to harass content creators who write stuff that disagrees with the groupthink mentally of the Wikipedian Trolls.

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