The Factors of Health

Health means more than the mere absence of illness . The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and does not consist only of the absence of disease or infirmity. Their definition of health coincides with the philosophy of alternative medicine as it stresses the psychosocial components of the health which is more commonly known as the mind-body connection.

The value of health

Good health has great personal and social value. The true value of good health is often recognized only when illness first strikes or in old age. As people age they gradually become conscious of changes in their quality of life as their health starts to decline – as they experience more and more health problems as the end of their life approaches. Young people, on the other hand, live joyfully more unencumbered and risk free lives. While health assessment programs for young people are publicized, most do not take advantage of them.

Generally women are more health-conscious than men. One can recognize this for example by their respective participation in colorectal cancer screening programs (men approx. 10 – 15 %, women approx. 30 % participation).

The promotion and preservation of good health require little financial resources. However, it is very expensive to attempt to restore good health through the use of conventional medicine.

Components of a healthy life

  • Nutrition obtained from food : Fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, eggs, milk, potatoes, bread or other cereal products, leguminous plants etc..
  • Clean natural environment : Air, water, soil, light etc..
  • A secure living environment: Clothes , accommodation, warmth, protection from dangers.
  • Plenty of physical exercise in fresh air(sport, play, work), without over doing it.
  • Adequate amounts of restful, peaceful sleep
  • Relaxation and emotional balance
  • A fulfilling Sex life
  • Social network with a circle of friends and good relations with coworkers
  • A healthy work environment without excessive levels of stress.

Mental-health factors in health

  • Loved its and even love can:
    • Life partner, children, family, fellow man
    • Friendliness, contact ability, social authority
  • Self-esteem, Self-respect, self-assurance
    • Success and acknowledgment : Confirmation, working climate, criticism and praise (feedback).
  • Security : Feeling of security, religion and/or the sense of life
    • Minimum security food concerned, clothes, living
    • Security of political and economical conditions
    • but certain tension is necessary, otherwise one sinks in lethargy.
  • Liberty :
    • Organization possibilities, also for the own life; worthwhile goals
    • Possibility for the articulation, thought liberty , free speech
    • Occupation and partner choice
    • Creativity : creative manipulation and play.
  • Solidarity :
    • to the partner, to friends and/or to others
    • Conflict ability and readiness for the reconciliation
    • Experiences with reminder value.

Today’s main dangers for the health

Lifestyle diseases caused by an inactive lifestyle, excess fat in the diet and smoking are today a wide spread problem world-wide. Also noise is bad for good health. Accidents are in all age groups a special problem: in childhood and youth the traffic acciddents take many victims, later is still later it the accidents on the job, the banal fall in the age, which can lead to Bettlaegrigkeit and dying. Also drug abuse does not know any barriers: Alcoholism in childhood and youth, on the job and – just as gladly hidden – at the age are in each case for itself a problem. Also depression industrialized countries has shown a steady increased in the recent years.

  • with young humans:
    • risk seeking behaviour : Accidents, drugs , tobacco smoke , alcohol; Incessant flood of irritations, Unterforderung, lack of interest approximately by the learned helplessness in such a way specified
  • with older humans:
    • Age features such as Arteriosklerose, Osteoporose, Arthrose, cancer

Fat craze and their consequences

  • in poorer countries – and not only there:
    • Infections , wars and force, deficiency diseases

With the social limitation of health, its endangerment as well as the national controlling of the health-relevant conditions and processes also the medicine sociology concerns itself


The Wikiquote project collects quotations: Health

There are humans, who do without all edible one, drink-cash, smoke-cash , which got a possibly bad reputation. They make this victim for the health. And everything that they have of it, is health. As strange. It is, how if one paid a fortune for a cow, which gives no more milk. ( Marks of Twain ) Health is that measure of illness, which still permits it to me, means to substantial occupations to attend. ( Friedrich Nietz ) Health is the ability, loves and to work to be able. ( Sigmund Freud ) “the health is a condition of the complete physical, mental and social well-being being issued and not only the absence of illness or physical defect. The possession of the optimum state of health forms one of the fundamental rights of each human nature, without difference of the race, the religion, the political opinion and the economical or social position.

The health of all peoples is a basic condition for the world peace and security; it depends on the closest co-operation of the particulars and the states.

The results obtained by each individual state in the improvement and the protection of the health are valuable for all.

Inequality between the different countries in the improvement of the health and the fight of the diseases, in particular the transferable diseases, forms a common danger for all.

The healthy development of the child is of fundamental importance; the ability to live harmoniously in an environment understood in full transformation is particularly important for this development.

For the reaching of the best state of health it is of special importance that the realizations of the medical, psychological and related sciences are accessible to all peoples. A enlightened public opinion and an active cooperation of the population are for the improvement of the health of humans of highest importance. The governments carry the responsibility for the health of their peoples; they can take these only on itself, if they take the suitable hygenic and social precautions.” ( WHO )

“what brings the doctor around its bread? A) the health, b) death. Drum holds the physician, on that he lives, us between both in the schwebe.” (Dr. med. Eugen Roth )


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