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Critics of John H. Gohde might argue that naturally he is going to criticize Wikipedia; after all he was banned four times by them. Readers might therefore be thinking that John H. Gohde should be hiding in shame since the world knows that Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

John H. Gohde is no more a whiner for writing this website than George Orwell was for writing his book entitled 1984. Orwell’s concept of totalitarian bureaucracy and the thought control of Big Brother exists today on Wikipedia in the discussion pages.

Banishment is a compliment, says John H. Gohde

The problems at Wikipedia are legendary. John H. Gohde is not full of sour-grapes. Nor, did he imagine being victimized. This page is being offered by John H. Gohde in order to educate the world as to the real dangers that editors face while editing on Wikipedia. Many others agree with his viewpoints. It is the least that John H. Gohde can do.

Wikipedia is an absolutely huge encyclopedia, the vast majority of which is absolutely boring to read. It contains a lot of filler, such as United States government statistics that are automatically updated. There is a very large list of safe articles that editors can edit without encountering any resistance whatsoever. But, John H. Gohde dares the doubting public to try editing one of the so-called controversial topics at Wikipedia. Better yet, John suggests editing one of these topics from a viewpoint that is contrary to the groupthink of Wikipedia. And, see for yourself just how long it takes you to get banned at Wikipedia.

Anti-Wikipedia Websites and Collections of Pages

  1. Wikipedia Watch – A half-dozen or so web pages that poke fun at the total farce called Wikipedia.
  2. Wikipedia: A Techno-Cult of Ignorance – A group of PhDs present Wikipedia as a form of knowledge fascism. Technically not a website, but uses frames to achieve the look of a website.
  3. The Wikipedia Review: Forum dedicated to criticisms of Wikipedia.
  4. Wikitruth: A site full of scandal sheets on guess what? A true wiki that has a random page option that works quite nicely on this site.
  5. Pornographic images on Wikipedia – If pornography can be fairly presented on Wikipedia, then why not Alternative Medicine?

Single Webpages that knock Wikipedia

  1. A Criticism of the Wikipedia – Presents the plots and schemes of a small group of secret plotters that form the inner circle of trolls at Wikipedia.
  2. Wikipedia’s Hive Mind: Gallery of Trolls
  3. Week in review: Wikipedia’s woes
  4. Can you trust Wikipedia?
  5. The New York Times: Wikipedia
  6. Several US universities ban Wikipedia as primary source
  7. Wikipedia: The Missing Manual – If anyone can edit Wikipedia, then why this book? Documents just how incredibly complex editing Wikipedia actually is.
  8. Wikipedia: Just a big cabal of freaks – WARNING: This website uses vulgar language.
  9. Wikipedia as an online role playing game – WARNING: This website uses vulgar language.
  10. The Great Failure of Wikipedia – Blog entry by Jason Scott that compare Wikipedia to an Usenet newsgroup FAQ file.
  11. Who Writes Wikipedia? – Wikipedia’s core gang of 500 editors are mostly article twiddlers, with absolutely no life of their own. They most certainly are not the content creators. Those making largest number of edits, contribute almost no substantial text to the articles.
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