John H. Gohde Showboating on Wikipedia

WARNING: You have entered the user page of John Gohde, a Free Thinker.

John Gohde – Welcome

Welcome to the user page of John Gohde

User:John Gohde/John Gohde

John Gohde – Webmaster

I am a webmaster of a number of different websites and blogs. I have a personal blog and a personal web site which I just recently created. — John Gohde 14:17, 19 April 2007 (UTC)

John Gohde – Fork Edition of Wikipedia

Introducing a new limited fork edition of Wikipedia operating under new management which is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. — John Gohde

John Gohde – Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine.

What is it about about Wikipedia that makes it so good? Why it is the GNU Free Documentation License.

John Gohde’s copy of Wikipedia was created for humanitarian reasons. — John Gohde

Fundraising Drive – One Wikipedia Fundraising Drive commented that Wikipedia costs USA $10.00 dollars an hour to operate. My health web site, which includes the dictionary of alternative medicine, plus my SEO blog costs less than one USA penny an hour to operate. Some operations are more efficient than others. — John Gohde

Actually, I pay exactly $0.004 USA an hour to host both of my two main websites. — John Gohde
My other sites are hosted for FREE. — John Gohde

Wikipedia is being tracked by the OneLook Dictionary search engine. I was not introduced to Wikipedia via its main page, but by way of Onelook. — John Gohde

Google’s Dilemma – There are now around 4 or 5 dozen mirror sites of Wikipedia on the Internet. Each identical copy of Wikipedia contains some 500,000 plus web pages. Google will index every word on each web page up to 100K.

Google has a prohibition against identical web pages, yet Wikipedia in effect, is forcing Google to index 4 or 5 dozen essentially identical copies of 500,000 plus pages of information. That gigantic amount of identical information will only continue to grow at a geometric rate. — John Gohde

John Gohde foretold Google’s Supplemental Index

So, the question that begs to be asked is just how vindictive is Google?

Google responded by putting most of the Wikipedia clones into the supplemental index, where most of them went out of business overnight. — John Gohde

John Gohde – Introduces

The Next Generation of the Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine – The Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine exists in a new and improved package. It is called the Dictionary of Alternative Medicine . — John Gohde 12:20, 17 September 2006 (UTC)

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  1. This was the last version of the user page of John H. Gohde that resulted in the thought crime of showboating at Wikipedia.

    Editors work for FREE at Wikipedia. Allowing editors to do what they want with their own user page is the least that a not-for-profit organization could do to compensate their editors. That would certainly be the ethical thing to do, if in fact Wikipedia was an ethical organization, which of course, it is not.

    Pages from Wikipedia were showing up in the SERPs for his name on Google. John is not the least bit apologetic for search engine optimizing his user page at Wikipedia for his name. Previously a negative page was showing up in the SERPS for John’s name at Wikipedia. Sorry, but John H. Gohde owns his own name, Wikipedia. And, John successfully got his user page to show up in its place.

    Overall, the user page of John H. Gohde at Wikipedia was not very successful in the SERPS for John’s name; as ALL of his FREE websites were able to rank higher in the SERPs. So losing access to his user page at Wikipedia did not negatively affect him in the least.

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