Laughing at Wikipedia

Dictionary of Alternative Medicine

There happens to be about 3 dozen clone copies of Wikipedia on the WEB, but only one modified copy called the Dictionary of Alternative Medicine. Who ever said that the Project on Alternative Medicine did not succeed? Obviously they did not read the fine print about the GNU Free Documentation License. If Wikipedia does not want to claim any of the credit, no problem’o. I have no problems with claiming all the glory in the Dictionary of Alternative Medicine. It was the GNU Free Documentation License which made it all possible, after all.At least one dozen clone copies of Wikipedia were created before I started editing. And, at least two dozen clone copies of Wikipedia were created during my brief stay here. I don’t think one of these mirror copies of Wikipedia (with the possible exception of those using Wiki) were created for humanitarian reasons. Some business man simply wanted to sell advertising. And, being able to create a 100,000+ page web site overnight for practically nothing certainly seems to have been a convenient way of doing it.

I am laughing at you!

Do you really think that I would come back to Wikipedia, if I was not totally immune to what ever you might do to me? I publicly planned on coming back several months ago.

Oct 26 2004, 6:24 am “By the time I get through with the dictionary (wont be long), the time I spent in developing Wikipedia would have proved to been well spent. And, I definitely plan on letting the boys at Wikipedia know about it. They actually think that they won. Ha, … Hah, Ha! :)” [1]

Just like all the other mirror sites of Wikipedia, my dictionary of alternative medicine exists in order to attract hits to my web site, among other things [2] Ha, … Hah, Ha! Yes, I am using you to improve my Google and Alexa ratings.

I don’t give a hoot as to what you editors do to the CAM articles or infoboxes on Wikipedia because quite frankly, it wont affect my dictionary of alternative medicine in the least.

Top 1000 Posters

In my former incarnation, I seem to have made it into the Top 1000 posters. And. that was with two banishments, and one long vacation. I wont come close to that number of edits this time around.

Work on articles:

  • #752 Mr-Natural-Health 1452

Work on User Pages, WikiProjects, and Talk Pages

I feel that I spent way too much time editing Wikipedia. So, looking at Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits I see that a number of people really do not have a life, as their edits are in the 10,000+ range. How sad.


AFFC is open 24 hours a day!

Silly me, I just plan on out living all of you. Ha, … Hah, Ha!

Does Mental Illness Exist on Wikipedia?

See [3] This mip has been stalking my edits since 16:14, 12 Feb 2005 and was gracious enough to have meticulously recorded his stalkings[4].

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