Mr. Natural Health gets Banned 1st Time

Dear Mr. Natural Health.

Your priviledge to edit Wikipedia has been revoked for a period of 30 days, effective beginning on 11 Feb 2004, 00:25 UTC. Please see wikipedia:requests for arbitration for further details of our final judgement on the matter of you and Theresa Knott.

Thank you for your co-operation with this temporary revocation of your editing priviledges. Martin 18:59, 11 Feb 2004 (UTC)

I run an accredited health web site and publish a weekly newsletter on the latest research on prevention and healthy lifestyles. Hence, I am an authority on the scientific basis of the mind-body connection. In addition, I am the proud owner of a self-made body thanks to eating an excellent diet, regular exercise, pure thoughts, and healthy coping skills.Favorite quotation from my website: “If you are seeking boundless energy, eternal happiness, an ageless body, or immortality, please look elsewhere. I will be writing only of real possibilities, consistent with the findings of medical science.”— _Health and Healing_ by Andrew Weil, MDA wise man once wrote: “Confused people shouldn’t be editing these articles.” I could not agree more.–Mr-Natural-HealthAlternative medicine, Medical Scientism, Scientism Allopathy, Natural Health, Natural therapy, Heroic medicine, Lifestyle diseases, Healer, Degenerative diseases, Eastern, Mechanism, Natural philosophy, Patient empowerment, Interventionism, Materia Medica,Wikipedia:Conflicts between users,Neutral point of view, Wikipedia:WikiquetteMy favorite Busybody quote: “This is a page where Wikipedians can help each other through their withdrawal symptoms while developers attempt to fix the server.”My quick survey of Wikipedia has revealed that I could write an original article on Individualization, Victim-Blaming, Prevention, Therapeutic Nihilism, Medical Scientism as well as a major re-write of the Biopsychosocial model and something linking the basic sciences to their association to Natural Hygiene movement through the philosophy of Naturalism. But, my warm reception to Wikipedia from my new found friends, seriously has questioned in me the wisdom of spending any more time on this project.Article naming conventions here seem to be fundamentally flawed by design, and are surprisingly not even automated by the software. The concept of never ending edit wars by fundamentally ignorant individuals is THE fatal design flaw of Wikipedia.Health Sciences and Medicine appear to be as poorly organized and written as is Alternative medicine. These same type of similar articles also suffer from inconsistent use of style. 😦

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