The New Kid on the Block

This is an informal record of my efforts on Wikipedia.


  • I operate a 75 page website at The Natural Health Perspective TM
    • This Natural Health website happens to be an accredited health site. It is no easy task to become an accredited website.


  • To get important natural health related information and definitions in an Internet accessible encyclopedia / dictionary.

__New Articles__

  1. Allopathy Allopathy is correct usage, not allopathic medicine.
  2. Natural Health
  3. Natural therapy
  4. Heroic medicine
  5. Lifestyle diseases
  6. Healer

__New Stubs__

  1. Degenerative diseases
  2. Eastern
  3. Mechanism
  4. Natural philosophy
  5. Patient empowerment

__Modified Articles__

  1. Alternative medicine I cleaned up this article. I removed the anti-bias and made it pro-alternative medicine. I cleanly listed the various forms of alternative medicine in a clean bulleted list.
  2. Biopsychosocial model
  3. Eastern
  4. Interventionism
  5. Materia Medica

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