Wikipedia’s Tabloid Article on Nancy Grace

There is at least one article on Wikipedia that reads like tabloid journalism. John H. Gohde recently laid out the ground work for exposing this write up on his Nancy Grace is NOT Squeaky Clean post. If you find that this article reads like juicy tabloid journalism then you should really check out Wikipedia’s discussion page.

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John H. Gohde – Original Templates

John H. Gohde has resumed editing on Wikipedia. Upon his returned, John was actually surprised to find out that the two key lists that were once deleted, have been restored one way or the other by popular demand. Thus, his Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine is once again whole.

John H. Gohde on Global Warming

Wikipedia clearly is taking the liberal position on Global Warming. John H. Gohde is correct when he says that Global Warming is being caused by Sun Spot activity, while Wikipedia is of course wrong as usual. How predictable muses, John H. Gohde?


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John H. Gohde asks: Is Wikipedia Ever Correct?

Is there absolutely anything in, on, or connected with Wikipedia that is remotely correct? Hmn, … Now that is a deep question, muses John H. Gohde. What do you guys think?


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John H. Gohde on Wikipedia Gone Mad

What is Wikipedia, if not the greatest depository on Earth of totally useless information? Are some businesses being openly promoted on Wikipedia? Has Wikipedia Gone Mad? John H. Gohde says that is a big yes.


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John H. Gohde – Trolls are Allowed to Break the Rules

John H. Gohde muses: Why are the Trolls allowed to break the rules?

There is a double-standard on Wikipedia. Trolls are allowed to break the rules anytime that they feel like it. While anybody who expresses a point-of-view outside of Wikipedia’s groupthink mentality is subjected to harassment that more often than not will lead up to banishment, reports John H. Gohde.


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John H. Gohde Trashes Wikipedia’s Privacy Policy

To say that Wikipedia and John H. Gohde don’t get along is an understatement. 馃檪

Wikipedia intentionally and grossly violated the rights of John H. Gohde as an user. Wikipedia deliberately violated his privacy rights as an editor. He first registered as Mr-Natural-Heath, but they soon deliberately exposed his personal identity. They deliberately violated his rights to privacy, by any sense of the term. (more…)

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Editing on Wikipedia is Good Training

Wikipedia should be nicer to its editors. For editing on Wikipedia trains people to write good copy for their own websites. John H. Gohde got great on the job training both with developing web layouts with CSS as well as with writing good text layout on his own sites during his time on Wikipedia.


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Wikipedia Makes it Easy for Kids to Access Nude Pictures recently did an expos on nudity and sex in Wikipedia being easily accessible to children. As a result of this news coverage, the FBI is now reviewing a Wikipedia nude photo of a 10 year old girl; as a possible violation of Federal child-pornography laws; reported John H. Gohde.


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John Gohde says Opinions Cannot Be Considered Defamatory

Wikipedia has once again made the tabloid news headlines. Not once, but twice. Wikipedia is sheepishly begging the court to drop a Defamation Lawsuit filed against it because they are not responsible for its reason for being, reports John H. Gohde.


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John H. Gohde Saves The Trolls of Wikipedia

John H. Gohde saved the day when he expertly rescued The Trolls of Wikipedia blog from a fate worst than death. It was a close call, but John knew exactly how to retrieve its home page from the throws of certain doom much to the chagrin of JLH.


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John H Gohde on the Pervasiveness of the Wikipedia Thought Police

John H Gohde is only one of thousands and thousands of people who have come to the exact same conclusions about Wikipedia. There is a new interesting blog post on the trials and tribulations of trying to edit articles on Wikipedia.


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How the Trolls Game Wikipedia

In recent weeks, news stories have reported on how the Trolls have been gaming Wikipedia. While the Trolls of Wikipedia ban honest editors for gaming the system, they themselves have brought the art of gaming to a new level of depravity. Sex and money scandals are only the tip of the iceberg, reports John H. Gohde.


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John H. Gohde says that Truth Never Changes

The Truth About Wikipedia sounded like an interesting video that was posted recently to YouTube. But at 43 minutes, I soon gave up trying to play it on dial-up. Why Google and YouTube seem not to comprehend the fact that many people are not connecting to the Web with monstrously big, expensive and powerful computers with lightspeed connections using the latest technology; is totally beyond John H. Gohde.


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Troll Likes Talking Behind John H. Gohde’s Back

John H. Gohde discovered where the Trolls of Wikipedia like to hang out. John says if you don’t think that these Trolls exist to dump on other people, then think again! Trolls live to dump on Wikipedians that they consider beneath them, reports John H. Gohde.


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John H. Gohde – Anyone Can Edit Wikipedia

John H. Gohde asks: Are Wikipedians on Crack?

Mr. Gohde would like to know what is the big deal? John H. Gohde could set up a free blog that anyone can edit overnight. Heck, John could even call it a free encyclopedia. 馃檪

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Wikipedia – Its Hatred and Bigotry Cataloged

John H. Gohde reports that one fool recently commented that he had gone too far dumping on some of the specific trolls at Wikipedia. John’s position is that on the contrary, John H. Gohde has not gone nearly far enough to ridicule these sorry excuses for human beings at Wikipedia.

John H. Gohde is Returning the Favor

John H. Gohde is not doing anything that the Trolls of Wikipedia did not first do to him. What the trolls did to him, John is all too glad to do back to them.


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John Gohde Talks About His Infamous InfoBoxes

John Gohde was viciously attacked by the Trolls of Wikipedia when he first started placing his infamous infoboxes in the various articles and talk pages on Wikipedia. John wasn’t doing anything that the other wikiprojects were not doing at the same time. Marking articles on Wikipedia that were related to your project was simply what project participants did, according to John Gohde.


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Accomplishments of John H. Gohde on Wikipedia

The critics of John H. Gohde are legendary. Criticisms of John H. Gohde exist all over the place. The Trolls of Wikipedia have attacked John H. Gohde on numerous occasions. And, have banned him 4 times from Wikipdia. Yet, the accomplishments of John H. Gohde on Wikipedia speak for themselves.

Accomplishments of John H. Gohde

The most obvious examples of success for John H. Gohde that the Trolls of Wikipedia prefer to ignore are the: (1) Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine and (2) CAM Portal.


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Snowspinner Did John H. Gohde Wrong!

John H. Gohde has a never ending need to post stuff about Wikipedia. John says an obvious topic would be trolls who have gotten in his face at Wikipedia. Mr. Gohde after reviewing his third arbitration case, says that Snowspinner the Troll, clearly stands out.

John H. Gohde – Paybacks Snowspinner

John H. Gohde was attacked recently for calling all admins mentally ill. (more…)

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Wikimania – John H. Gohde Asks Why?

John H. Gohde asks: Why would anyone want to attend a Wikimania event? Will anything actually be accomplished in Wikimania 2008?

John H. Gohde Knows all about Wikimania

John H. Gohde says that Jimbo Wales is pushing to re-write history in his image. Mr. Gohde is no fool. Like all internationally held not-for-profit sponsored conferences Wikimania, according to John H. Gohde, is just anther excuse to travel at someone else’s expense. It is a time to party, for the Rich and Famous.


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Jimbo Wales’ Spending Habits Have Been Questioned

John H. Gohde says that the more he reads about Jimbo Wales in the tabloid press, the funnier it gets.

John H. Gohde Reports

Danny Wool on his blog publicly accused Jimbo Wales of spending improprieties on Saturday, March 1, 2008. according to John H. Gohde

John H. Gohde asks who is Danny Wales? Danny, the former Grants Coordinator, is reported to have worked for the Wikimedia Foundation from October 2005 to March 2007 at a paid salary of $40,000 a year. John says Wool supposedly arranged Jimbo’s travel schedule and negotiated his speaking fees.

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Classy Jimmy Wales Dumps Girlfriend Publicly on Wikipedia

John H. Gohde has an inquiring mind, and has definitely noticed how Wikipedia simply cannot stay out of the tabloid newspapers.

John H. Gohde Turns Tabloid

Apparently, Jimbo believes his own public image about being the dictator of Wikipedia. John H. Gohde says that clearly, Wales thinks nothing of using others around him as play things, only to be later discarded like trash at his own pleasure. Does classy Jimmy Wales know how to treat the (more…)

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Trolls Like to Defecate on Fringe Articles

Any article on Wikipedia written on a fringe topic, or expresses a fringe point of view, is a target for the Trolls of Wikipedia. John H. Gohde knows all about how the Trolls just love to defecate on articles related to alternative medicine.

John H. Gohde says Don’t Defecate on my Articles!

According to John H. Gohde a favorite tactic of the skeptics is to post Notice Banners on articles that appear directly below the title of the article. (more…)

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John H. Gohde is Utterly Obsessed with Product, rather than Process

John H. Gohde is utterly obsessed with content and could not give a darn about Wikipedia, Wikipedians, Wikipedia’s culture of wasting time, and their obsession with process.

John H. Gohde Knows How to Edit Wikipedia

Anybody can edit Wikipedia, says John H. Gohde, but only if they are intimately familiar with 100’s of process rules: (more…)

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Troll of the 2nd Ban, Exposed by John H. Gohde

On the 2nd ban, the complaint was filed by David Gerard. It is as clear a case of railroading as you can get. It took place at the time of the creation of the Wikiproject on Alternative Medicine by John H. Gohde.

John H. Gohde Introduces the real Troll

Who is the real David Gerard, asks John H. Gohde.

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John H. Gohde has a Champion, on the 4th Ban

The last arbitration case of John H. Gohde was different from all the rest. This time around, John had a Champion. A Champion is a person who fights for or defends any person or cause. That is right, another editor, recognized that Mr. Gohde was being violated by Wikipedia. And, stepped up to the plate to defend John H. Gohde by presenting evidence at obious risk to his status as an editor on Wikipedia.

Kendrick7 Champions John H. Gohde

Contrary to the tabloid journalism of the Hate Blogger, at least one other independent third party recognized precisely the farce being inflected upon John H. Gohde by Wikipedia. And, that person was User:Kendrick7. (more…)

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John H. Gohde Goes After the Trolls of the 1st Ban

John H. Gohde says that he has just now bothered to take a closer look at the specific Trolls that passed judgment upon him in his first ban. And, John has a picture of all those Trolls.

Theresa knott vs. John H. Gohde aka Mr-Natural-Health


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If John H. Gohde cannot go to the Hate Blogger

If John H. Gohde cannot go to the hate blogger, the Hate Blogger will be coming to him. And, so he has. 馃檪

John H. Gohde officially announces the arrival of the Hate Blogger.

John H. Gohde Feels Better Already!

And, so has Wikipedia come to the new blog of John H. Gohde. For the Hate Blogger admits to being on Wikipedia. Since the Hate Blogger came to John H. Gohde, so has Wikipedia. 馃檪


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Wikipedia tells 100,000 Muslims to take a hike!

John H. Gohde reports that Wikipedia is now ignoring the wishes of more than 100,000 Muslims who have been complaining for quite a while about Wikipedia’s publication of their Prophet’s picture.Jay Walsh, a spokesman for the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco, has even suggested that many of the those thousands of emails recievied by Wikipedia are less than acceptable since they have received so many similar looking emails since mid January 2008 according to John H. Gohde. (more…)

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John H. Gohde says that Gohdeilocks is the Hate Blogger

Who is Igor the Troll, or Igor Berger, asks John H. Gohde?

John H. Gohde says that he does not know and doesn’t really care at all. As far as John is concerned, Igor is just another character that he had happened to have run into on his many journeys on the Internet. John views Igor as a very minor irritation in a Google group that Mr. Gohde was once on.


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Another Success Story for John H. Gohde at Wikipedia

The last stay of John H. Gohde on Wikipedia was very successful. Editing on Wikipedia is largely a waste of time, for many different reasons. But his 4th stay on Wikipedia was more than twice as long in duration than any of John Gohde’s previous stays. Overall, John was very happy with what he was able to accomplish regarding the WikiProject on Alternative Medicine. (more…)

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If John H. Gohde can not go to Wikipedia

If John H. Gohde can not go to Wikipedia, Wikipedia will be coming to him!

Banned users may not contribute to any part of Wikipedia, including their user talk pages.

John H. Gohde was able to edit his talk page, during his last ban. He did it serveral times with absolutely no problems. So, this time around John H. Gohde attempted to add a little commentary to wrap things up up on his talk page. And, was blocked by one of the mentally ill admins who managed to get John H. Gohde banned yet again for merely exercising his Free Speech rights. (more…)

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John H. Gohde Unjustly Banned for the 4th Time

The hate blogger has recently reported on the current problems of John H. Gohde on Wikipedia. So, the fact that John was recently banned once again is no secret. On this post Mr. Gohde will comment briefly on the recent findings of fact by the Arbitration Committee at Wikipedia.

John H. Gohde – Victim of Wikipedia

John H. Gohde (talkcontribsdeleted contribslogsblock userblock log) was previously sanctioned in three Arbitration cases (Theresa knott vs. Mr-Natural-Health, Mr-Natural-Health, and John Gohde) for inappropriate behavior.


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Justice for John H. Gohde, Iranian Style, at Wikipedia

John H. Gohde was Blocked

Blocked: 48 hours per [2]. Edit warring and incivility at Complementary and alternative medicine. [3] [4] [5] Technically, the even if the one-year attack parole at Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/John H. Gohde only took effect after the one year ban expired, the parole expired on 30 April 2007. And John only has one recent block. (more…)

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John H. Gohde talks about his 3rd ban

In the case of John H. Gohde, John was banned yet again for promoting alternative medicine all too well on Wikipeidia.

John H. Gohde’s Infoboxes Were Attacked

John H. Gohde says notice how the deletion of a number of the project‘s infoboxes were singled out by the Arbitration Committee. That was no accident, according to John.

While currently accepted in Wikipedia, the project’s placement of templates and infoboxes on the talk pages and articles by John H. Gohde was vehemently attacked back then. John H. Gohde and his project on alternative medicine tagged perhaps at best 250 talk pages of (more…)

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John H. Gohde talks about his 2nd ban

In Mr-Natural-Health, Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee totally failed to put any effort into their fact finding at all. In other words, John H. Gohde says that the Arbitration Committee just relied on the findings of their previous ban. That is hardly an indication of impartiality! And, it is why John considers the first two bans to be actually only one ban.

John H. Gohde gets railroaded

Of course, the second arbitration case involving John H. Gohde was entirely different from the first one. John’s activities were entirely different. The actual topic of the second case was John’s promotion of alternative medicine on Wikipedia, when John H. Gohde actually (more…)

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John H. Gohde talks about his 1st ban

Theresa knott vs. Mr-Natural-Health is where Wikipedia decided that John H. Gohde had “behaved inappropriately on a consistent and excessive basis.” Perhaps Mr. Gohde did at that time? But, Wikipedia most certainly did not conclude that on his current ban according to John. (more…)

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